Dennard Out For Denver

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    Re: Dennard Out For Denver

    We are going to get a beat down. KC could not get any pressure on Payton last weeek and Pats do not have a consistent pass ruch, so a long day for marginally talented DBs against a strong crew of receivers.  Imo, we will not need help from the zebra's to lose this game.  BB better get the running game going to keep the ball away from Denver's O and he needs to go for TD's not field goals in the red zone.

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    Re: Dennard Out For Denver

    Lets see if Talib,Dennard and Arrington are out, this leaves the Patriots with Cole,Ryan,Slater,Edelman,McCourty as DB's With Gregory,Harmon,Ebner,and Wilson at safety! Someone please wipe the saliva off of Gomers face!!! Holy crap! Not only are we short handed but Manning will be bringing the refereeing crew of his choice. Here comes another set of cheaters!!!!

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    Re: Dennard Out For Denver

    Like I said on another thread they will have to blatently hold all the Denver recievers at the line and well out to 10 yards and yes get many PI and holding penalties.

    The Broncos will march down the field anyway why not frustrate them?, make Manning hold the ball and take some hits. Daring the referees in this league surely pays off...look at last game.

    Then in the 4th quarter in the red zone play clean and you can bet with 15 penalties going gomers way the entire game no way they wil call a borderline one his way.

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    Re: Dennard Out For Denver

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    just saw that as well thanks to pcmIV's link. this game will be ugly if Arrington cant get 100% and back to his form from weeks 1-3. he missed the crucial tackle last night. he is normally a great tackler as a DB too.

    anyways, if no Talib & Arrington 100% this WILL be ugly.

    Arrington is no saviour. We really just need bodies for next week because they are gonna need to double up some times. Lets  be honest. Arrington is Toast on the outside so why put him out there?  Let him play the slot on Wes where is comfy and give the starting nod to Ryan on one side and Cole on the other and give him help with a safety. Ask Ryan to keep Decker in check while cole gets help all day on Thomas from McCourty. Its the only way iMO.


    I dont see us grabbing anyone off the street unless talib and dennard are supposed to be extended time which if so, we are f*ckedd Anyway!  Im sure there is a practice squad player who is hungry and knows the system so call him up. we just need bodies to play a Dime and keep everyone back in coverage and hope Forehead doesnt check to runs all day.