In response to JRABBB's comment:

You hit a cop you go away.That's it.

So this week it was Dennard killing the so called "patriot waty"and last week it was Gronkowski.

Who's next?The pats are turning into the Miami Hurricanes of old!

No, judges can be swayed.

"Yer OnHer, my client already lost a million bucks for this one moment of indescretion.  Can you name me anyone else in America who paid that dearly for his innocent night out on the town and one second of indescretion?  He can't help it if he's been working on those Nautilus machines.  Yer OnHer, my client is exactly the kind of person who has made something good of his life.  He's lived a perfectly clean upper middle class life except for an eight grand NFL fine for a hit out of bounds.  My client is the pride of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a boy who pulled himself up out of poverty by his own bootstraps and is now going somewhere with his life.  You wouldn't want to punish the best example in the state, would you?  Not with all the football supporters watching?  They voted for you!"