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    Re: Dennard

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    In what way do u guys not see him assaulting a cop?  Because he says so? 


    Guy got in a fight in his last college game. Seems like he has a short temper. I don't understand how people keep talking as if they were there and know what he did/didn't do.



    Don't know the guy personally and wasn't there. But it wouldn't surprise me if Dennard did what the cop claims.


    You do realize that Dennard never originally did anything in the first place, correct?  I would expect an appeal or a lawsuit agains the police for false arrest after they used testimony from the victim who said Dennard did not hit him.


    How many people do you know get arrested or approached to be arrested for no reason, acting like they're expecting it?



    Explain this.  The reporting that I am reading suggests that Dennard may have been feeling a bit full of himself that night getting into it with more than the just the person he hit before hitting the cop. 

    stop making excuses for the guy. 



    That's false. Sami said Dennard simply bumped into him and Sami into Dennard. Then, Sami was coldcocked by the perpetrator who was not Dennard.


    Pretty simple. It's not an excuse. It's what happened. They then accosted Dennard thinking it was him, grabbing him and wrestling him to the ground to be cuffed.

    YOU sound like you're making excuses for the police, moron.  Ever think of that?   He was found NOT guilty of assault on Sami which is WHY they accosted Dennard to begin with. Get it?

    It's not an excuse. The victim (Sami) himself said Dennard wasn't the guy and the cops went after the wrong guy.

    But, you're saying "Dennard was feeling a bit full of himself"? Do you realize how arrogant that sounds when the cop's mistakenly tried to an successfully took down an innocent person?

    How would you like to be yanked out of a crowd, tackled and cuffed for no reason?

    It sounds like shotty police work to me. 

    Shotty police work? Clearly that is not 152 IQ nor Harvard material. 

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    Re: Dennard

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    America.. represents less than 5% of the world's population and almost 25% of the world's prisoners. 


    And most of the world's population lives in developing countries that have neither the resources nor the legal system to imprison criminals. 


    Yeah, I'm kind of the opinion that murderers, violent drug dealers, rapist and pedophiles belong in prison, or worse. Other countries seem to either allow this to go on (see below) or deal with it directly, no trials, no jury, no jail time (and I'm not talking about the low number of executions that are actually reported)...

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    Re: Dennard

    Wondering if I'm the only one who can't get on page 3?