Dentist or Tebow

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    I finally figured out why BB is keeping Timmie No Throw for the preseason - here's my theory--with all the scrambling QBs out there now, Newton, Wilson Copenack?, RG3 etc the genius is giving his defensive backs a look at the scrambling QB Timmie No Throw in practices to see who can play against these scrambling QBs in open space--that's it!! He gets cut before the season starts!



    If that's true why waste a spot and just use a RB. If he can't throw what's the difference. I mean the only thing that makes players like Wilson, Kirkpatrick, and RGIII dangerous is they can throw on the run! Besides if that's the case there are plenty of option QBs from college who are PS eligible who can be that guy and won't take up a 53man spot





    Seriously, I know the guy's name isn't Smith or Brown, but "Copenack" and "Kirkpatrick"? At least make an effort?  

    Muz, neither of us were close it's "Kaepernick" lol

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    Re: Dentist or Tebow

    Muz--I forgot that this was an English 101 class. I think you got who I was referring to. But feel free to correct ALL wrongly spoken names and incorrect sentencing on these posts. If it makes you feel good -I would'nt want to bruise your low self esteem!