Just like everybody else, I was tuned into every game the Broncos played when Tebow quarterbacked and they were dramatic. John Elway and everyone in that Denver Broncos organization owe Tebow over a zillion solids for what he did for that team. The Denver Broncos was a team in transition last year and their record of 1 - 4 showed it as well at the start of the season. It all started in that 2nd Half against the Chargers (The 1st Matchup) when Tim Tebow took over and that was when everything changed and the Broncos nearly came back and won as they dropped to 1 - 4 and from that point on, everything changed for Denver.  Their win against Miami has me still scratching my head because Miami was winning that game and then with 5:23 left in the 4th Quarter, things just started happening and Denver win it in overtime. They fell badly against the Lions, but then reeled off 6 dramatic wins in a row before losing the last three and just getting in the playoffs thanks to the Chargers beating the Raiders in the last week of the season. That game against the Steelers was something I had never seen any Quarterback do and Dick LeBeau had to adjust to Tim Tebow was something that was unbelievable because usually offenses had to adjust to LeBeau's Defense. As Troy Polamalu said; "It was an incredibly simple offense." Then finally, Tim Tebow & The Denver Broncos season came to an end thank to Tom & Co. and like that...the Tebow journey was over. In the end, The Broncos really overachieved last season because they went from 1 - 4 to AFC West Champions to winning a playoff game against the Steelers, who still have not gotten over it. Because of Tim Tebow, he threw the Broncos and other teams draft strategies out of whack in a way. Win are Wins and some say Tim Tebow was lucky to have won those games or they were fluke wins and I say sometimes, you need that helping hand such as a prayer to guide you to victory and in Tebow's case, they were answered a lot last season. The other thing they will say is the teams The Broncos beat and that those teams were not that good, As Tom Jackson said on the Broadcast the week the Broncos were getting ready to play the Pats; "I beat whoever is in front of me, I don't care who I beat." These were the some of the same teams the Pats beat as well. The so called "Sanchize" better make sure he doesn't have bad consecutive games because it could be over for him. Tebow in the AFC East adds intrigue and the Denver Broncos are indebted to Tim Tebow forever.