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Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    In response to FrnkBnhm's comment:


    The whole concept of this thread is flawed. The fact that some one leaked information about the suspension before it was official (in violation of league rules) actually proves that the media is not "protecting" the Broncos in anyway.



    False. They hid this from 2011 and then hid 3 DUIs this spring/summer. It was only the 3rd DUI, that they stepperd forwrd publicly!

    How is it flawed?

    Denver also cheated wildly in 1997 and 1998 by short paying Elway and Davis's salaries to keep key FAs and sign premier ones. Denver then claimed they were moving money around for their corpoate suppored "Inveso Field". How can a perennially sold out stadium in Denver and plans for a new stadium be underfunded and why would a few million deferred off the books to the stadium make a difference?

    1. You can't do that anyway.

    2. That's a completely baloney excuse.

    Here is the fact:  BB doesn't coach in Denver.  The media sensationlizes anything about the Pats and then apply a different approach in some cases, WORSE, WAY worse examples of things off the field.

    Now, if we held onto Hernandez, I would agree this wouldn't make sense. But, they cut him immediately.

    Keep in mind Ray Lewis was held onto after being involved in two murders.  He now works for ESPN.

    You're telling me my premise is flawed? Care to backpedal, Frank?

    Your premise is flawed. You still presumes that the press new about the Von Miller stuff and hid it. Where is you evidence that the media knew about these things and intentionally did not report them?

    Did the media hide and not sensationalize the Bounty-gate stuff with the Saints?

    I just think a lot of Patriots fans are far too sensitive about the national perspective on the team.  The Patriots win a lot so they are always in the news (people outside of the home market do not care about what happens to 4-12 teams).  

    The Hernandez stuff is sensational it is own right. If the case happened as the DA laid out, it goes far beyond anything an active professional athlete has done. It is in the OJ territory. Nothing else that has happened to any NFL player in the off-season (Dennard included) should even be put in the same category.

    Finally, I will concede that a lot of the media does not like BB. They don't how he treats them so they give it back to him. You get what you give. That does not prove they are "hiding" things that happen to other teams.

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:


    Rusty, you had the story before major outlets did.  You know it takes time to write a story and get it out there, right?

    Here are the ESPN headlines.  You know, ESPN who hates the Pats? 

    What's the #1 story?   What is the #1 story on the website that hates the Pats?   Here are the headlines on   Latest Headlines

    1. Broncos' Miller faces four-game suspension for violation | Watch
    2. Browns' Richardson a 'full-go' | Gordon: My priorities are straight
    3. Brady regrets Pats' Super Bowl losses: 'We've had our chances'
    4. Geno signs rookie contract with Jets | Says he can win top job
    5. Jets reportedly host Collie, Robinson for workouts | FA tracker
    6. NFL, NFLPA make progress on HGH; hope is to test this season
    7. Jones: Cowboys DL Crawford is out for season | Ratliff on PUP
    8. Report: Hopkins agrees to four-year, $7.62M Texans contract
    9. NFL Legends Program fosters community among former players

    What's the #1 story on

    Clearly this is being swept under the rug.



    Dude, here are the facts:


    1. Saulsberry last year suspended for PEDs. I don't even believe that was reported, for whatever reason.  He then got a DUI in May. ORiginally, it was reported as January, not that it matters.

    2. Elvis Dumervil claimed his fax machine was broken and Denver botched his restructure, Dumervil leverage Balt's bid up against Denver, and then bolted.

    3. 3 DUIs for Denver.

    4. VOn Miller busted for steroids, likely a while back with it now being reported before camp opens.

    5. Denver hid/did not report any of these incidents when they knew about them.  They also laughably tried to tell us Dumervil's fax machine mysteriously didn not work or their own was unplugged at the 4 PM deadline. No. Fact is, you overpaid a crappy run defender who you needed to switch your defense around to help (switched from 3-4 to 4-3), and it put in a massive bind in the cap era, to the point, he used another time to up the restructured bid.

    Dumervil was pissed he was asked to restrcuture which is why he did that.  He and his agent came up with the little idea of the broken fax machine to put the ploy into effect, and hey, it worked!

    But, the media has not backed off from how great an offseason Denver has had.  Please stop. The national media are hypocrites in terms of fair and balanced coverage of how they cover NE and other NFL teams.



    2) Rusty wrong again..the facts;

    John Elway felt good enough about his defensive talent that he took a gamble to free up salary-cap room. He approached Dumervil and his agent about taking a significant pay cut from his $12 million salary. Here was the thinking: Dumervil had 11 sacks, but only four of them came in the critical closing moments of victories.

    With less than an hour before a deadline that would have guaranteed Dumervil’s salary, Dumervil’s agent agreed to a pay cut, but the paperwork on the restructured deal didn’t get to the Broncos in time, so the defensive end was released.

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:


    I am not even necessarily saying it's JUST the media, but somehow asking how a media in Denver could not know about his 2011 positive test, for example?

    How is it possible such a high profile rookie could not be reported on for showing up positive for amphetamine.  It clearly looks like Denver did something to not only hide it, but cover it up. He played the entire 2011 season and into 2012 with no resolution to the positive test.

    I don't care who is responsible, but it seems incredibly suspicious that not one mediahead knew he tested positive, and then these incidents go completely undocumented.

    Maybe Denver paid someone off to make it go away. Brandon Spikes testes positive for Amphetamine, which is likely Adderall, and it's national news and he's suspended as a rookie for 4 games. Ok. So have other players been suspended for using amphetamine. 

    Why would a rookie in 2011, test positive for two drugs, one being a more serious one according to the NFL drug policy (amphetamiine - you need 3 weed tests to be suspended), yet it was never reported or acted on by the NFL?  You don't find that incredibly suspicious?

    Can you explain that? Throw in 3 DUIs for them this spring, and it's not looking to go good for the Broncos in terms of addresssing off field incidents properly within league rules.

    Now, he's Tweeting how he'll get away with this one, too.

    I find it arrogant. I find Denver arrogant, their media a joke and the national media a joke. They should be asking why the Denver front office delays in making this known or yes, tries to hide it.  Otherwise, it comes off like the Denver media is protecting or helping to protect the Denver Broncos brandname.  It never even reached ESPN levels, which is almost impossible in this day and age, so what else is it?  An accident?  Pay off?  Coincidences?  Hmm.

    3 DUIs within 6 weeks of one another, 2 front office guys, Saulsberry ALSO had a PED suspension last year which went completely UNREPORTED as well.  That's a lot of violations that were either not reported or reported, literally weeks or months later, almost like Denver was scheming to see if they could hide it first.

    I am not asking for them to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am asking why what is reported for other teams is not the same for Denver's players or executives.

    Did any of the Patriots suspensions actually make thew news before the NFL announced them? I do not recall that. The Von Miller suspension is not official, therefore it should not have been leaked (the NFL - unlike MLB - is pretty good and keeping these quiet throught he appeal process and waiting until the suspension is official). So I still maintain that the mere fact that Von Miller's current violation is being reported before it is official proves that there is conspiracy to cover things up in Denver.  

    As for his previous violation, again, the first violation for recretional drugs (which it sounds like it was) is to put the player in a program and that is not made public when it happens. There could be Patriots who are in the recreational drug program and we would have no idea. 

    A search of "Saulsberry PED" finds plenty of stories from December when it happened so I do not know why you think it was not reported.  Here is a NBC Sports article dated last December 18: 

    Not to mention Saulsberry was on the practice squad and Bolden was on the active roster when each of their positive tests took place. At the time, Bolden was threatening to take more carries away from Ridley (he had 36 carries for 219 yards the three games leading up to his suspension). So obviously, Bolden was a much higher profile player.

    I already posted this article, last week CBS Sports had a post about what mess the Broncos front office is currently:

    Another aspect that you are not considering is that the Patriots have more a national following (both by fans like and those that hate them) then the Broncos do. So if you are and you a story about the Patriots that gets 100,000 views and an article about the Broncos that gets 50,000 views, which one are you going to do a follow up on?

    I still under don't understand why you care so much how the Patriots are covered by the national (or even the New England) media.


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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:


    I care about any fraud or hypocritical behavior especially when ESPN or other outlets lie, slander or are guilty of libel, while basically going out of their way to ignore other off field transgressions.

    I care about these outlets perpetuating stories about this franchise such as the witch hunt known as Spygate, claims that Kraft and BB knew Hernandez would murder someone, etc.

    You've seen the articles. They're completely irresponsible and outrageous. I always wondered if Kraft had sued the Herald and won with ease in court, putting them out of business, if this kind of stuff would still be going on.

    It's disingenous to make things up and can be illegal to lie and make money off of it. 

    However, I do expect the basic reporting of facts. Also, Miller was not fined or suspended in 2011 when he tested positive for amphetamine then.

    What did he test for now? It can't be weed because you need 3 strikes there for a suspension to happen, so that means this was yet again something on the banned list, not a recreational drug like weed.

    Totally false. And, I want to know what it is, too. I want to know why he wasn't suspended in 2011 if he tested positive for amphetamine.

    Libel is a legal term that sets a pretty high bar. What have you ever seen written about the Patriots that rose to that level? The reason that Kraft did not sue the Herald is probably because he would not have won the case. Trust me, if you want anything that even resembles an unbiased press you want that bar set high.

    I do think plenty of people in the media have an agenda, but your allegations that there is some giant conspiracy against the Pats and pro other teams rings hollow. There are more stories about the Patriots because the are extremely high profile team. Their QB is covered by TMZ. They are the most successful franchise of the last decade. Of course, there are a lot of stories about them. It comes with success. When you misstep a lot of people will revel in it. 

    As for Von Miller, the fact is that we do not know what he tested postitive for either in 2011 or this year. Like I mentioned, you have no idea if any Patriots are in the recreational drug program. The NFL does a good job of protecting the players privacy on those things. The Von Miller story is only out all now because some one in the league office leaked information they were not supposed to give out.

    Don't think I did not notice that you failed to comment on the links I posted to both the article from last December about the Slausberry suspension or the CBS Sports blogger calling out Goddell to come down on Elway and the Broncos front office.

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    It's not a conspiracy. It's about money. That's what this world is about, dude.  They don't care if they're fair, get it right, etc. They want clicks. And, if they plant columns on their webpages within a formula to get those clicks, they will lie, cheat and steal their way to get those clicks for ad revenue bids.

    I get how the system works.  It's not a conspiracy.

    I disagree Kraft would have lost vs the Herald if he had sued.  One could argue the lies in that Walkthrough tape premise was a massive distraction on the eve of the SB.  That is a LOT of money lost vs winning or losing the SB for a franchise.'

    ESPN started the lies with that and it created an opp for someone like Tomase to try to be some kind of a hero. None of it was ever corroborated, because it was a loony rumor to begin with, started by a cuckoo loser (Matt Walsh) who also was trying to extort or become famous and/or gain attention.

    And, that's the problem in all of this: It's all about the wrong things, whether it be selfishness, bitterness, money and agenda. This is what the media does when covering NE. They want it to be about them vs Bill Belichick. ANd, it hasn't gone away. This Hernandez thing proved that. They went as far as to say Kraft and BB knew Hernandez was a murderer or capable of it, ignoring it so irresponsibly so.  Yep, it's alive and well. It's so alive some of our own fans are now brainwashed by it. It's sick.

    Nothing NE said about what they had done as part of a scouting process, with video, without, etc was never deemed illegal until Goodell came into the league. It's a fact. NE did nothing wrong other than mess with Manboobs on a sideline. Totally harmless other than it being deemed unprofessional.

    So, to this day, the media knows how to $ell a NE Pats based story is to undersell the good or great things and oversell or sensationaize (or lie outright) to perpetuate the negative things.


    I disagree about the lie, cheat and steal. I think they sensationalize things. I think they push boundaries.

    So what is your theory on why Kraft did not sue the Herald if you are so sure he would have won? Did it occur to you that Kraft did not sue because he knew he could not disprove the claims that Matt Walsh made and that Tomase printed? Otherwise, how is it in Kraft's best in to allow people to print "outright lies" about his business?

    Personally, I do not think Kraft knew or could have anticipated what Hernandez did or was capable of, but I think it is completely fair to ask those questions and doubt his responses. They took a chance on a guy with a sketchy past and they got burned. That is what it really boils down to.

    I do not want to turn this into another huge Spygate discussion, but the issue with what the Patriots did against the Jets is that they had been warned, they knew Mangini knew what they were doing, and they did it any way. They were punished as much for arrogance as anything else.

    The thing you still have not explained is why  you believe this ideas of cheating, lying and stealing to get clicks or readers only applies to the Patriots coverage?


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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    Umm, I did comment on them. Go do a Google search (I provided you a link) on Saulsberry's PED test and the reporting of it. 1 hit, via some fanboy SB Nation website. It was never reported by a proper news outlet. That's why no one ever saw it. ESPN didn't report it, CNNSI, Fox Sports, nothing. No major outlet. Hmm. 

    I also posted an column on how the "media is JUST learning about his DUI arrest" after the 2 other employees got picked up for theirs.

    Why are we learning about it in July, if it happend in May?

    Don't think I didn't notice you ignoring these facts and when I asked you WHY Denver hid Miller's amphetamine positive test from 2011.


    Here is a Denver Post report from December:

    Here is an NBC Sports also from December:

    Yet, you still think the difference in coverage between Bolden and Saulsberry has nothing to do with one being a team's second leading rusher and the other being a practice squad player?

    As for the front office DUI's, the fact that media failed to catch that is an indictment on the Denver media, but you cannot be surprised that the Nebraska press was more on attentive to Dennard who was on probation and had been sentenced just 90 earlier getting picked up. The media picked up the Dennard DUI right away. That is why the Patriots had to address it right away.

    Finally, what do you not understand about the Miller positive test in 2011? They did not hide anything. The recreational drug program is not supposed to be announced to the public. You have no idea if any players on the Patriots have tested positive and are in the program. Honestly, we do not even know if he will be suspended yet, nothing has come from the NFL or the Broncos on this. It is simply a source "leaking" information at this point.


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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    Who do you think you are using NVC's ProFootballTalk to counter when I can use one that says he tested positive in 2011?

    The reports are saying that he tested positive for amphetamines and marijuana according to an unnamed NFL source who was not supposed to be talking on the matter. There has been no official word on what or when he tested positive for anything. Nor may there be, and I quote from this article:

    "The league has a strict confidentiality clause on such cases. If the case works the way it's supposed to, the NFL would only comment if the appeal fails."

    Nothing was covered up about the Miller's previous test. According to league rules, that information is not supposed to be given out.

    So when people write based on unconfirmed reports from sources that should not be talking on the subject about the Patriots you use words like "lie", "cheat", and "libel." However, if people do the same thing about the team you are claiming is being "protected" by the media, you consider it journalism worthing of citing for your own arguments.

    Also, I was using the NBC Sports link to prove that the Saulsberry PED suspension was reported back in December. No one cared because he's a practice squad guy. In fact, the article written at that time essentially say that.


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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:


    How is the NE punishment for Spygate worth more than Brees a union rep in a locker room and publicly saying he didn't know bets were being taken to injure others by design as the NFL sits on lawsuits in a lockout? Are you kidding me?

    Do you realize no one knew what a video scouting process was pre Spygate? Do you realize that, professor? Trust me when I tell ya you're out-debated on this one.

    Denver cheating the cap in back to back years like that, if not for 3 years, with it not even known by the general public, with the advantage it was, is NOWHERE NEAR BB messing with Manboobs, a year after Manboobs broke the same rule in Foxborough.

    Stop rationalizing and being a troll.

    The Spygate witch hunt was the least egregious, but the most sensationalized. FACT

    Are why are you the arbiter of how much each transgression is worth in terms of suspension? I think Bounty-gate was atrocious, and the punishments handed out the players and coaches were much stronger than anything the BB or the Pats got for Spygate. What is the point about Brees? You know for a fact that he knew what was happening in the defensive team meetings?

    As for the Broncos salary cap cheating in the late 1990's, I am not sure what that has to do with anything. They were fined and stripped of drafts picks over it. Here is a Washington Post article from all the way back in 2004 referencing it. I remember it happening way back then so I am not sure why you think they "got away with that" some how.

    Just calling people a Troll because the disagree with your opinions is totally meaningless by the way.

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:


    Dude, are you becoming an ANNOYING TROLL DELUXE. Amphetamine is not a publicly disclosed violation via the NFL rules?

    Of course it is! 

    You have no idea whether or not he actually tested positive for Amphetamines. You have one reporter citing an unnamed NFL source who was not supposed to be discussing the matter in the first place and is now being cited by other reports.  Other reports are saying his positive tests have nothing to do with PEDs and it is all part of the recreational drug program.

    I agree that if he did test for Amphetamines he should have been suspended back then. You are assuming that he tested positive and it was somehow hushed up because he was not a Patriot. Basically, if unconfirmed sources are saying negative things about the Patriots there are being libelous, but if they are saying it about another team you take it as fact.

    Not to mention, the mere fact that Von Miller current test result was leaked and the national press is running with it proves that no one is protecting other teams or treating them differently from the Patriots. 

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    PS Denver is so arrogant, they knew about this PED positive test for months and now are trying to control how they unload the news to the public with "NFL policy"...Oh yeah, Elway, which one?




    George Atallah, spokesman for the NFLPA, said the players union was working with Miller on his appeal, adding via Twitter: "I can also confirm that Von's case does not involve the Steroids and Related Substances Policy."

    Rusty, why don't you tell us more about what the Bronocos knew about this PED positive test?

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    In response to Bustchise's comment:


    Isn't this Von Miller a "very very unique" situation?


    Not the Von Miller incident, no. Anabolic roids are used in the NFL. 


    I think 3 DUIs, TWO with your front office personnel within a month, a botched restructure with a major defensive player who took Elway for a ride, and now this other DE missing 4 games for a roid test, make for a pretty disastrous offseason for Denver.

    Hey, maybe Russell and Heckert were off hammered during the last days of the Dumervil deadline? abwahahaa!

    But, I don't see ESPN or NFLN having round the clock coverage about it.  I doubt ESPN will have a panel dedicated to talking about it on a 24 hour loop like they have with Hernandez and Dennard's situations.

    Dennard also didn't refuse the breathalizer like the 3 Denver employees did, but you wouldn't know that by ESPN's sensationalized coverage.

    Only Phatty Virgin with a day off from the theater would have such poor reading comprehension, he would showcase how bad it is with regards to my premise.


    Pretty disastrous off season for DENVER? Please tell me you are the dumbest person on the planet. Please. I would hate to think there are others.

    There has not been a worse off season in league history than the one we are currently having, it has been embarrassing beyond belief. Never mind that our prized young free agent defensive lineman will be sitting because of a heart condition or our corner that punched a cop in the face decided to get liqured up and go out and could of blind folded a guy off the street and had him throw darts at free agents and he would of done better than what was signed over here the last three years. I'm dead serious.

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

    What did he test for now? It can't be weed because you need 3 strikes there for a suspension to happen, so that means this was yet again something on the banned list, not a recreational drug like weed. See, if you knew these facts, you could tell it's not just weed in 2011 or weed now. That's baloney. It's amphetamine, which according to the NFL is a PED.

    That's funny, crusty!  Didn't you spend like a month trying to tell us that Aderal and amphetamines were NOT PEDS, when Bolden and Cunningham were busted for them?

    Suddenly, they are?

    Are YOU really calling them liars, frauds and hypocrites?


    "The worse New England has gotten on defense, the better Brady has been forced to become -- with 109 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and a 39-9 record the past three seasons. "

    CLARK JUDGE______7/13/13_____________________________________

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