Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

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    Re: Denver Media Does It Again (Von Miller 4 Game Suspension)

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    Isn't this Von Miller a "very very unique" situation?


    Not the Von Miller incident, no. Anabolic roids are used in the NFL. 


    I think 3 DUIs, TWO with your front office personnel within a month, a botched restructure with a major defensive player who took Elway for a ride, and now this other DE missing 4 games for a roid test, make for a pretty disastrous offseason for Denver.

    Hey, maybe Russell and Heckert were off hammered during the last days of the Dumervil deadline? abwahahaa!

    But, I don't see ESPN or NFLN having round the clock coverage about it.  I doubt ESPN will have a panel dedicated to talking about it on a 24 hour loop like they have with Hernandez and Dennard's situations.

    Dennard also didn't refuse the breathalizer like the 3 Denver employees did, but you wouldn't know that by ESPN's sensationalized coverage.

    Only Phatty Virgin with a day off from the theater would have such poor reading comprehension, he would showcase how bad it is with regards to my premise.






    Pretty disastrous off season for DENVER? Please tell me you are the dumbest person on the planet. Please. I would hate to think there are others.





    There has not been a worse off season in league history than the one we are currently having, it has been embarrassing beyond belief. Never mind that our prized young free agent defensive lineman will be sitting because of a heart condition or our corner that punched a cop in the face decided to get liqured up and go out and could of blind folded a guy off the street and had him throw darts at free agents and he would of done better than what was signed over here the last three years. I'm dead serious.




    I don't know about that. I rememeber Ray Lewis in shackles. Rae Carruth. Bengals, Raiders, Broncos with murdered teammates, etc.





    Sure seems like you're being a drama queen yet again, Cupcake.  You're always 'dead serious', you're also a whiny, spoiled pink helmet who apparently pines for the Sullivan years.

    I am not embarrassed whatsoever of the choices Hernandez made. Not one bit. I am shocked and stunned, but not "embarrassed". I also applaud the Pats for quickly moving away from that Hernandez thing. The Baltimore Ravens held on to Ray Lewis for a decade after his involvement, proven involvement with two murders.  So, pipe down with your praise of the Ravens organization all this time, as they shielded a doubler murderer. You sound like a raving lunatic, Cupcake.

    I would be MORTIFIED if BB and Caserio each got DUIs, actually refusing breathalizers within one month of another and Caserio slammed into a cop car somewhere in Boston. Moritfied that lead decision makers of our franchise made those kinds of decisions while hammered. 

    If NE hid those infractions, on the heels of one our back up interior lineman's PED and DUI charges as well, you would be the first one in here with RKrap demanding answers, resignations, you name it. You're a phony joke. 

    You would also be the first loser on here, if Chandler Jones got away with an amphetamine charge in his rookie year that was covered up by the Patriots in some fashion, only to test positive AGAIN soon after.

    Stick to the facts, Cupcake, and you'll be just fine.



    Then again, you still claim that A A Ron was a "great value" pick.  




    He was.  3 years of a 4th rd pick is very good value.  He was the best H Back in the NFL for 3 seasons at bargain dollars. My god are you dumb.  He outperformed his rookie deal 1000 times over.

    We'll see what kind of money NE can recoup based on his court case.

    I agree that he was a good performer for a 4th round pick, and potential to be a great player, but look at his actual numbers. He missed 10 games in three seasons and he average 58 receptions, 650 yards, and 6 TDs per season. Those are average numbers for an NFL TE. Last year he was the 25th rank TE in the NFL (

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