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Despite the loss & mistakes, good things to take from this game.

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    Despite the loss & mistakes, good things to take from this game.

    Okay, the first three quarters were near disaster but a few good take aways.

    The good: 


    1. TB and Lloyd are finally figuring it out and Lloyd should become the deep threat we were promised he would be going forward.

    2. Talib played exceptionally well on occasion but did make mistakes in coverage but hopefully making the Pats want to keep him signed for next season and beyond. His coming aboard seems to have solidified the defensive backfield, at least until yesterdays game. A replacement need to be found for Arringto. 

    3. Hernandez continues to improve looking more like the old Hernandez weekly but too many obvious costly drops yesterday.

    4. Branch seemed right back at home and even though not a prime target he knows the systems and could be a great help if the primary targets are covered.

    5. Brady despite a few naysayers almost brought his team back from the abyss showing typical unwavering leadership and fire some say he now lacks. Wasn't his best performance but many misses were because of SAn Frans great tight coverage. His performance over all was better than the QB rating shows. A gutsy performance by TB. 

    6: Woodhead continuing to show he can come up with big plays when needed. 

    Negatives: Ridley need to hold onto the ball/ Too many costly penalties/Poor tackling at times cost the pats to give up eextra yardage after the catch at inoportune times


    If Gronk can come back and play effectively it will make a huge difference in this offense. With TB and Lloyd finally figuring it out, Welker being Welker, Hernandez looking like his old self, the always reliable but aging Branch catching a few here and there, if truly healthy this offense won't break down like yesterday. If Gronk were in the double coverage on Welker and Hernandes doesn't happen. On the fluip side the running game was spotty and the ball has to be in Ridley's hands going forward. He is our prime back but if he can't cut it, you'll see more of Vereen and Woodhead. The pats still need to draft a prime back like a Cory Dillon.       

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    Re: Despite the loss & mistakes, good things to take from this game.

    I don't think we need to be so kneww jerk over the ridley drop. The SF guy got his helmet perfecty on the ball. A lot nof good backs would drop it when hit like that.  I thnk he does need to figure out when to just fight to hit the dirt. A hit like that only happens when a running back gets stood up. 

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