Develin being worked at TE

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    Re: Develin being worked at TE

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Ya know your a dope.

    I clearly stated I thought the Pats were relying on 4 core WR's and 2 core TE's...even though there is thought that 7 WR's may make this roster

    Why do you now substitute into the Welker not signing blunder Edelman when for 6 months you were passing gas all over Amendola? Is it because you were wrong, as usual? 

    Fact, BB, therefore you as his psychotic follower thought letting Edelman walk to the Giants for $1M was no problem

    Fact, when Welker left, you touted Amendola as his more than capable replacement, not Edelman.

    Let me see...Kelley, Wilson, Welker, Ballard....I would say that makes you 0/4 in your preseason commentary last year...

    I am willing to bet you will be 0/5 at the minimum this season....let the Rusty predictions begin...we all could use the laugh prior to camp

    Lastly, please enlighten me on the correct usage for "couldn't" 

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    Rkarp just toss him on ignore like the rest of us. Clearly the guy has issues and is trying to make up for his lack of intelligence but attempting to latch on to anything he perceives wrong. I say perceives because it's only wrong in his world. At this point I kind of feel bad for him if he can't understand the basic difference between a core and a corp and it's his only attack left to suggest they are being used in properly it's pretty sad. He doesn't understand the core of a position is usually considered the players you build the position around or more generally those who you believe will be starting at times during the year while the corp is the whole group within that position which includes the depth pieces. Not to mention his obsessions with players (seriously this guy mentions BB, Brady, and Welker more often than we mention the entire 53 man roster combined). Let him think he has a victory, it might be the only joy in his life. At this point I just feel bad for the guy when I realized the best thing he has going for him, in his own mind, is being the internet Einstein, police, and bully.

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    Re: Develin being worked at TE

    Working out Develin at TE is an excellent move but a no brainer as well. Certaily helps him become more versatile if it works out.

    On the discussion on whether TE NEEDS to be upgraded with better depth, I say no. Take a look at the history of production from the postion since BB has been here.

                             REC. Yards  TD

    Gronk                 39  592  4
    Hooman              12 136   1
    Mulligan               2   16     1
    Gronk                 55  790   11
    Hernandez           51  483    5
    Hooman                5  109    0
    Fells                     4   85    0
    Winslow                1   12    0
    Gronk                90  1327  17
    Hernandez         79    910    7
    Hernandez         45  563  6
    Gronk                42  546  10
    Crumpler             6   52   2
    Watson             29   404  5
    Baker                14  142   2
    Watson            22  209  2
    Thomas             9  93    0
    Watson            36  389  6
    Brady                9   70   2
    Thomas             1   9    0
    Vrabel               2    3    2
    Watson            49   643  3
    Graham            21   235  2
    Thomas            11   159  1
    Watson            29   441   4
    Graham           16   235    3
    Fauria               8    57     2
    Vrabel               3     4      3
    Graham           30  364  7
    Fauria              16  195  2
    Weaver             8    93  0
    Watson             2   16   0
    Vrabel               2     3   2
    Graham             38   409  4
    Fauria                28   285  2
    Andruzzi              1     0   0
    Fauria               27  253  7
    Graham             15  150  1
    Cleeland            16  112  1
    Vrabel                 1    1    1
    Wiggins             14  133  4
    Rutledge              5  35   0
    Cox                     1   7   0
    Wiggins              16  203   1
    Bjornson             20  152   2
    Rutledge             15 103    1

    Last year was pretty much on par with the majority of years BB has been here. 2010-2012 being the more productive years. The diffrence? Gronk and Hernandez of course. You can't take away the fact Hernandez was an excellent player and had the agility and quickness of a WR. BB and O'Brien saw this and tweaked the offense a little to have them on the field at the same time. Teams around the league have tried to copy this but most haven't been able to do it, atleast not at the level of production Gronk and Hernandez did. Why? Because Gronk and Hernandez are rare players that don't come around often and it was a freak thing we got them both the same year.

    So with that said, it would be nice to see them find another move TE and see that flexibility on offense but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it. There's no proof Keller or Finley will do much here. They could just turn out to be another Winslow signing. I would welcome them here for the competition and see what they have but I would think if BB thought they would upgrade the position and they were ready health wise, they'd be signed by now. People mentioned the offense stalled without Gronk, yes thats true but it also has a lot to do with Brady's unfamiliarity with the recievers. He literally had no one he knew other than Gronk and Edelmen to some extent. TE depth is not much of a concern to me, Gronk's health is because he's a special player. As ATJ said, a Mulligan type would be fine behind Hooman imo. People should expect more from the WR's this year if Gronk gets injured.


    *Note: I added Cox, Vrabel and Andruzzi since they were lined up at TE in goaline or short yardage.

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