Dez Bryant - drama magnet

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    Dez Bryant - drama magnet

    This thread isn't about whether Ireland should have asked the question or not or its appropriateness. There's another thread for that.

    All I wanted to say was that in hindsight, I am really glad that the Pats passed on this kid at 22 and again at 24. After the locker room issues of last season, I am really glad that the entire draft class is generally consisting of mature young men, most of whom were captains in their college teams and none of them with character issues. 

    People warned about the likes of Dez Bryant or Carlos Dunlap (who the pats also passed) and others and I'm glad we avoided them. This kid is already a drama magnet just like he was in college and training camp hasn't even started yet. 

    So cheers to the Pats front office!
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    Re: Dez Bryant - drama magnet

    I agree.  I also think it's a riot how many posters and even NFL analysts are giving the Jets big kudos for their offseason.  It was really pretty simple.  They went after a bunch of guys with questionable character that their previous teams just wanted to get rid of, no matter what they got in return.  Hey, it might work in the short term and they may be really good this yr but I wouldn't find them as a real likable team even if I was a Jets fan.