Dez Bryant

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    Re: Dez Bryant

    Some of the best WRs in the league don't get elite "separation", it's all about how they attack the ball once it's up in the air.  Vincent Jackson isn't a burner, nor is Brandon Marshall, nor Terrell Owens.  What they all do is go up and fight for the ball, out-leaping and out-adjusting (if that's a word) the D back to get position.  He does need to work on getting out of breaks faster, but that can improve with experience and from what i've read he genuinely loves the game of football.  I doubt he'd be there at 22, but if he is I think it would be a great pick.  The immaturity issues can be fixed, it's pretty clear he's not a "bad" person in the pacman jones mold
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    Re: Dez Bryant

    I don't like the Randy Moss comparison - Moss wouldn't be caught dead running a 4.5-4.6 40yd dash.

    Bryant might follow a similar career trajectory, but he won't follow a similar playing style unless he's hiding something.  You could bracket Moss with help over the top and he'd still run by all three people.  4.5-4.6 means Bryant will have to play more of a possession role.

    Also, I hear he's not a fan of the middle of the field.  Is this true?  Did anybody watch him two years ago to know this?