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Did I miss something?

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    Did I miss something?

    What I couldn't understand was why Bellichek had settled for our last field goal.  It seemed to me that was the more sensible time to gamble with our offense.  Sure, it was 4th and 8, but we're on their 18.  Succeed and it's potentially a 17 point margin vice 13 with some further progress and time burned off the clock, all but putting the game out of reach.  I don't understand burning all our time outs either - at least the last one - much less the final 4th and 2.  Both teams fought hard, both made mistakes, but Manning threw at least one too many duck-balls, and this was the Colts' night to pay.  I think our staff, more than the refs ruling on Faulk, are to blame for disrespecting Indy and their ability to strike back quickly.  What do you think?
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    Re: Did I miss something?

    belichick made the decision BECAUSE he respcted indy- that is clear and you are just trying to stir things up by suggesting he doesn't