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Didn't come to play?

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    Didn't come to play?

    "They wanted it more" (Wilfork).  WOW!  These comments say it all.  Of course, who wasn't thinking this?  I mean...of course they came to play; they're the best...would have won it all.

    At some junction, the bandwagoners need to get real; accept criticism (for the team) as it is deserved.  Interestingly, Vince didn't mind jumping in, and who could blame him?  Ironically, this team could be much worse without him.

    Personally, I never thought I'd be reading comments like this, until this year.  Character seems to be a big problem for this team, something that hasn't been a problem for most of the decade.  Is this team full of losers and malcontents?  Is it the newbies; the free agents?  Regardless, those who don't want it more, should leave; go somewhere else and get paid.

    Didn't come to play?  Ironically, this was true for the last play-off game they were in- remember?  The Pats allowed the Giants to take the Super Bowl.  How and why does the team decide not to want a play-off game?  I guess it stands to reason that if they didn't want the Super Bowl, they sure didn't want a game one.

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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    most of the team was AWOL..including the coaching
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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    It's been a problem all year.
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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    Well thats obvious. At least this season is finally over and BB can somehow rebuild this team back to Championship status via the draft and free agency. The pass rush this year was just horrible. Non-existent and down right putrid. May I never have to watch a season like this for as long as I live. May BB stop drafting Ellis Hobbs clones (Wilhite & Wheatley) and for once, stop bringing these aging, slow, butter finger, injury prone veterans (Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Shawn Springs, Leigh OMG thats how a girl spells it Bodden, Junior Seau) to this team. And for Christ sake, get rid of "Door" Matt and Kaczualty.

    Okay, I think its all out of my system now.

    Here is to the 2010 Pats. Champions again in '10?
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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    The Only PATS that Showed up today:

    1. Edleman
    2. Faulk
    3. Wilfork
    4. Morris
    5. Bodden
    6. Springs

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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    so what is affecting the WANT of this team????? That's the question for next year(gosh that ticks me off having to say that)
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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    Staleness...even BB is not immune to it. Look what happened to Shanny in Denver. Players just get tired of you after awhile and vice versa. Same ole speeches...exppressions..motivational methods.....Familiarity breeds contempt and all that.
    Human nature more than anything. BB/Brady have been there awhile, maybe the scene is just getting tired for all.
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    Re: Didn't come to play?

    Simple fact is, this loss had nothing to do with "want."  It had everything to do with non-execution, costly turnovers, uninspired play, and the other team taking advantage of the very breaks we gave them.

    So, are you advocating that the Patriots wanted it (more), but simply could not play as well on that particular day?  Of course, "uninspired play" might certainly relate to wanting to win more than the competition.  In addition, giving the opposition so many breaks, particularly so early, might also fall into the the same category. 

    I concur that players use various forms of trite expressions that many of them have been coached to utter, in particular circumctances.  However, some of them actually map to the occurances that took place on the field.  Personally, I believe that the Giants wanted the (2007) Super Bowl more than the Patriots.  It appeared to me that the 2007 Pats believed that they were due (based on performance to date) a Super Bowl win without connecting the effort that was required...a far cry from the previous NE SB winners.

    Since then, it appears many players have come to New England to win a Super Bowl, as though it might be automatic.  Unfortunately, many of the types (e.g. Thomas, Galloway, etc...) have no idea what is required to go the distance.  Of course, now there are only a few players left who do.