Dilfer says Pats

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    In the end, it doesn't really matter who picks who, or what the spread in Vegas is. That's why they play the games. These guys need something to jaw about, as NE and even the Giants to an extent don't give them much stuff to talk about. How well a team played back in the fall (or how poorly) really has little bearing. The game four years ago is totally irrelevant. Whoever plays the best on Sunday (and makes fewer mistakes) will win the game. There are enough guys on each team with the experience and leadership to keep the younger guys focused. When somebody raises the trophy Sunday night, all these opinions will have as much substance as a f a r t in the wind! 
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    So let it be said...so let it be written!!!
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    Re: Dilfer says Pats

    the best part of all of this is that
    the Pats are still in the middle of Rebuilding

    dilfer alos said that the Pats d is playing alot better