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    And here is why BB forcing the "kids" to learn zone as a unit was important, starting back in August against Sam Bradford and the Rams.

    Some fans get this, some didn't want to wait for it, and some don't get it/don't want to hear it.

    But, when BB designs plays like this to bait QBs, even if it doesn't create an INT, it might create an incomplete pass or really just the idea of second guessing.

    Interesting breakdown on Arrington's INT:

    "Sorry, due to mitigating factors today I could only breakdown two plays from the Patriots' 31-27 victory over the Packers on Sunday night.


    Patriots defense
    Score: Packer 17, Patriots 14
    Time: 12:16 left, third quarter
    Down and distance: Third-and-3
    Yard line: Green Bay 30.
    Patriots personnel: 2 DL, 4 LBs, 5 DBs
    Packers personnel: Big 5 (five receivers)
    www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81d0c996/Arrington-pick-six">NFL.com video link

    What happened: Patriots line up with three safeties about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. To Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, who is making his first start, it looks like the Patriots are going to be in a Cover 3 zone. Zone coverage is just about confirmed when WR Jordy Nelson goes in motion to the far side of the field and no defenders go with him. With Nelson going short left and Greg Jennings from the left slot running a crossing pattern, Flynn thinks he will have James Jones, who is the wide left receiver, fairly open on a dig (in) route.

    In reality, the Patriots are in a completely different kind of defense. The Patriots bring all six players in the box (2 DL, 4 LBs) at Flynn. They only did this three times in the entire game. This forced S Patrick Chung to charge hard from about 12 yards away to pick up Nelson in the left flat. Kyle Arrington took Jones, Brandon Meriweather had Jennings on the cross, Devin McCourty stayed with Brett Swain on a mirror crossing route on the other side of the field, and Donald Driver ran a mirror route to Nelson’s in the right flat (Packers run a lot of mirror routes, meaning the same pattern just on different sides of the field). James Sanders also had to come a distance to pick up Driver.

    So at this point, the Patriots have Flynn fooled. Even if he did recognize what was happening, the pressure from ROLB Eric Moore forced Flynn to get rid of the ball and it was almost too late to go anywhere else with it (though he should have just dumped it to Nelson or thrown it away in that direction). The Patriots were rushing more people (six) than the Packers had blocking (five).

    Even still, the pass could have been completed to Jones if it not for his own error. As Jones began his in route, he saw Chung coming. Instead of either going past Arrington on a go route (there is no safety now over the top – it’s something Jennings or Driver would have done), or charging through Chung thereby picking him off to open it up for Nelson, Jones committed a cardinal sin by just stopping. In a way it’s similar to the pass Peyton Manning had returned for the game clinching touchdown by the Saints in the Super Bowl (Reggie Wayne stopped).

    With no receiver where he should be, Flynn’s pass went right to Arrington. The Packers made things even worse by missing four legit chances at a tackle (Jones, Flynn, Nelson and Swain), which allowed Arrington to score the go-ahead touchdown."

    P.S. 3 cheers for Greg Bedard, who in 2 months has been 1000 times more informative than that turd Al Breer.

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    Re: Disguising

    Getting to be a big Bedard fan.  No one at the Globe could give the reader such a breakdown until he showed up.  He gives criticism and praise based in fact, not because he has an agenda one way or the other. 
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    Re: Disguising

    i thought chung running through the area caused confusion...nice breakdown...