Dispute over aherns records resolved

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    Dispute over aherns records resolved

    One less training camp distraction. Per pro football talk.com;

    The lawyers representing former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez wanted to get a wide variety of documents from the team. The team didn’t want to surrender certain things. A middle ground has been identified.

    According to the Associated Press, attorney Michael Fee said in court on Tuesday that the dispute has been resolved. Lawyers for both Hernandez and the Patriots declined comment.

    The Patriots previously had agreed to surrender 317 pages of personnel records, but the team refused to produce a scouting report and a one-page summary of Hernandez’s pre-draft psychological assessment.

    Hernandez’s lawyers have argued that the documents may contain critical information about Hernandez’s state of mind, which could be a hint that the lawyers are exploring the possibility of using some type of insanity-based defense as an alternative to arguing that Hernandez didn’t kill Odin Lloyd.


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    Re: Dispute over aherns records resolved

    Hmmm.  I think their will be more too this than meets the eye, if BB were involved in some type of cover up, the consequences  could be severe.


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