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    Re: DLine

    In response to HonkeyTonkman's comment:

    IF the Pats go DL first pick would you rather they combine round 1 and 2 picks and pick as high as they can get in round 1,or just get the two best players they can get staying roughy where they are.With the cavet most of B.B second round picks I wouldnt consider them as football players,more like Black holes that suck the life out of anyone around them.Kind of like certian posters.

    Stand pat and pick. Last years D picks was the way to go. I would hope for the same this year. Although I would try and find 1 receiver.

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    Re: DLine

    If they do not have a top 10 pick then it matters little  .  .   .  look at the results over the past 10 years, defensive linemen drafted 21-30 have done as well as defensive linemen drafted 11-20.  I say if their scouts have done their job then there should a a quality guy for the DL at the spot they are in.   This Armstead kid may be as good as anyone they will be getting in the draft so a defensive lineman may not be one of their top picks . . . then they could be looking at a cornerback in the top position.


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    Re: DLine

    It depends on the talent at the defensive line - from what I've read the draft is deap at defensive tackle, so it might be best to stay back or trade up a little bit. Then again if they have the chance to land a real can't miss, top of the line talent on the defnsive line, then I'd go for that. Game changers are hard to come by and they can have a trickle down effect on lesser talent players on your team. Not that this is going to happen, but take a guy like Suh for instance - I would of traded my entire draft and Mayo for him - because he would of made the entire defense much better. In Detroit he is making the players around him household names and millionaires. I'm not saying I think Suh is a nice guy, but the guy is a game changer.