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Do people really hate peyton manning?

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    Re: Do people really hate peyton manning?

    I can't stand the basstard and I'm sick and tired of his family.

    Bird won 3 titles, Magic won 5. Peyton won 1.

    Bird and Magic dominated the 1980s with 8 titles. Peyton padded his stats against mediocre teams. The only argument that Peyton lovers fall back on is regular season stats. Indy didn't start "dominating" (by definition, winning 1 title in 5 years) until after the Pats coaching staff had disintegrated, key players got old, and the defense declined.

    To their credit, they have the best defensive system in the league and they draft extremely well. Peyton is simply along for the ride. Don't believe me? Look at his stats in his playoff games from the 2006 SBC season. Indy won in spite of him. The lone exception was a great 2nd half against a pisss poor Pats D in the 2006 AFCCG.

    Peyton is a great QB, but isn't in Brady's, Bird's and Magic's class. Those guys came through, when their teams needed them the most, more than once.
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    Re: Do people really hate peyton manning?

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    Yes, of course I hate him.  Who wouldn't? I hate the entire Manning triumverate.  I hate Indiana, Polian, the Colts, their stupid dome with their stupid fans holding up signs to be quiet while Peyton is at the line of scrimmage waving him arms around as if he invented the forward pass. I hate how the NFL rewrote the rule book to accomodate this whiny, shifty, horse-faced baby. I hate his commercials, excuses, tantrums, and poor sportsmanship. One thing I love about him is how he choked away the SuperBowl, and then gave the ol' Manning-face.
    Posted by John413

    Well if you put it that way, maybe I do hate him.
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    Re: Do people really hate peyton manning?

    I like him.  He is a competitor, a team player, and all around good guy.  He is over adored by the media, and prone to making the "Peyton INT" face.  And he has too much control over the offense.  Someone needs to install a few wrinkles in that O and stop allowing him so much control at the line.  But he is a decent guy.  I just don't like him because he is in the way.  On the other hand, I do HATE the Colts.  Everything they are, everything they stand for.  And the Steelers.  In fact, I hate the Steelers more than anything else in life, including Hitler and Osama bin Laden.