Do we cut Ghost or renegotiate??

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    Re: Do we cut Ghost or renegotiate??

    Top Tek make from 2.0 to 2.5 per yr. SG is in the middle. Sebastian is the top paid. 

    When it comes to replacing SG the guy needs to be able to kick in NE weather especially in Dec. 

    when you look at last yr he was #8 and an off yr for him. So do you find another or renegotiate? Depends on what is out there. Much like WW. It will depend on SG and where and what he wants but I hope the agent does not screw it up.

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    Re: Do we cut Ghost or renegotiate??

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    Because 3.5m is a lot for a kicker. I wouldn't cut him, but I would try to extend him and try to save 2m.

    if then we have 14m, we could sign sanders to an offer sheet, sign Abraham for Wilson type money, and possibly sign Edelman and vollmer. 14m goes a decent way. 


    Yeah 3.5 million is a lot for a kicker, but all these players you mention signing...Sanders, Abraham, Edelman and maybe even Vollmer can be had without touching the kickers money. Cut the kickers contract if you expect to go over what we already have under the cap..I think that's around 12 million.


    According to everything article I've read concerning remaining cap money the Patriots have 15.3 mil left their projected draft choice money allocated is 3.3 leaving them with a surplus of 12mil but they will also need to pay bonuses and the like out of that money,so right now they have a projected number of roughly 6.75 mil availible to shop with. Gaining any money back from a Gostkowski restructure would be helpful. Vollmer could eat as much as 5.5 of that availible money easily.

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    Re: Do we cut Ghost or renegotiate??

    In the 7th round daft Hopkins of Florida State or Sharp of Oklahoma State if Ghost does not renegotiate that bloated contract.