Do We Need A New Offense Coordinator??

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    Re: Do We Need A New Offense Coordinator??


    you're saying that execution has nothing to do with coaching?

    how well the team executes is a reflection of how well they practice the key plays during the week leading up to the game. the coaches have full control of what plays they run during practice, how many times they do it, and how much they pay attention to the details that increase their chances of executing it perfectly.

    also, how can you say that red zone production is all about execution and has nothing to do with fresh schemes and play selection? with less space for the d to cover, the offense only has small windows to get the football in. anyone who has the least idea of how this game is played knows that it's not enough to say you're going to pass to moss or welker; the offesne has to choose the play that gives welker or moss the best chance of getting open, as well as gives tb the right protection so he gets the chance to throw the ball.

    that window narrows even more when the d can anticipate where and how that ball will be delivered, so oppsoing d's have already figured out pre-game how to disrupt by just looking at ne's formations.

    just becasue the pats still ahve the same talented players does not mean they would have the same productivity. the difference between 2007 and this year is that back then there was still some element of surprise regarding how the pats were going to deliver the ball to moss or welker or whomever. two years later, because little has changed with the scheme,d's have an easier time anticipating what's going to happen.

    so then some would argue that colts' plays have not changed for almost a decade now and their still effective. that's where a qb like manning comes in handy. he excels at recognizing what the d is reying to do right at scrimmage and making adjustments to increase their chances getting someone open. as much as i would not replace tb for anyone to be the pats qb, manning is the best at calling audibles.

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    Re: Do We Need A New Offense Coordinator??

    STP43FAN can't be convinced of anything apparently, he must also be a Notre Dame fan because his blind hatred for Weis blinds him to some obvious truths.  Or maybe manowar333 has it correct; he is related to O'Brien and is carrying a water for him.

    Either way, how often can one person be wrong..? 

    Disorganized and chaotic is how I would describe what I saw on offense this season, poor coaching and offensive game management is the reason...