Do you Agree with this article?

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    Do you Agree with this article?


    Stevan Ridley Will Continue Limited Role in New England Patriots Offense

    Stevan Ridley New England Patriots

    Don McPeak-US Presswire


    When New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez injured his ankle in week two it forced the team to change its offensive strategy. Before the injury, the Patriots used a duel tight end system with the powerful Stevan Ridley in the backfield. Hernandez’s injury has forced the team to adapt. On Sunday night the Patriots used three wide receivers and ran the no-huddle which is better suited for backup Danny Woodhead. The limited role for Ridley is something that will continue in the coming weeks.


    With the departure of BenJarvus Green-Ellis this offseason, the Patriots entrusted their running game to Ridley and Shane Vereen. But Vereen was injured during the preseason which left the backup role to Woodhead and undrafted free agent Brandon Bolden. Ridley and Vereen competed for the starting spot during training camp and when Vereen went down, Ridley was seen as the primary back.


    The Patriots have become known for their unique use of tight ends over the past year. The use of tight ends Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski together has caused matchup problems for most defenses in the league. But with Hernandez on the sidelines the Patriots have had to change. On Sunday night they went with a quicker no-huddle offense which meant a change in personnel.


    While Ridley was on the field for the majority of the snaps in the Patriots first two games, he was on the field for just 26 of the team’s 82 snaps Sunday night. Woodhead was on the field for 51 of those snaps. The Patriots seem happy with this new type of offense and Tom Brady says he’s comfortable running it. Without two dominant active tight ends the Patriots are expected to continue with this style of play. That means Ridley will continue this limited role in the offense.


    This new style of offense seems to please Brady, Brandon Lloyd, and Wes Welker so the Patriots will be expected to stick with it. That means that Woodhead will now be the preferred back to Ridley until Hernandez is healthy enough to rejoin the team. Until that time, Ridley will continue his limited role in the Patriots offense.

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    Re: Do you Agree with this article?

    Rusty is right on this one.

    That's not to mention Hern is an average run blocker and a better WR. So why switch to a mor pass heavy sytem when you lose one of your better pass catching options? Fells is a better run blocker though not nearly as good as a pass catcher as Hern

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    Re: Do you Agree with this article?

    Hey I'm not saying the article is right I just wanted to get other people's view... now if this goes on for a few more games maybe there is some truth to it.

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    Re: Do you Agree with this article?

    the one thing I didn't like about the ravens game was the number of times Gronk was kept back to help block for Brady.

    Need to find a different able body to do that...and get Gronk running routes.

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    Re: Do you Agree with this article?

    I really can't stand when people write articles like this. This guy has no clue why or if they will be using Ridley more or less in the coming weeks. None.

    The Patriots are specific to the opponent they are playing - there is no reason to think they can't run Ridley out of their three wide receiver sets - they just saw something that lead them to believe Woodhead would be better against the Ravens. Probably a mistake. As Ridley improves as a blocker (and it looks like he is) you'll see him on the field more.

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    Re: Do you Agree with this article?

    Turns out the writer was Woodhead's college roommate. :)