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Dobson is the WR we've all being calling for since Moss left.

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    Re: Dobson is the WR we've all being calling for since Moss left.

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    As far as the drops , there weren't that many this time that weren't mostly or partly Brady's fault. Like everyone said once the rooks get over the jitters they will be good.





    Explain to me how "drops" can be Brady's fault.


    There is a fine line between "drops" and a poorly thrown ball.  If you hit a guy in the hands in stride then that is a drop.  Throwing the ball low or 3 feet ahead of the WR, when he barely gets his fingertips on it, is not a drop.  Tomato to-mahto, that's all I'm saying.   Not saying you are being critical, but that drops can be subjective, a la Wes Welker in the SB. 


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    Re: Dobson is the WR we've all being calling for since Moss left.

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    A lot of TFB's issues are the rookies.  I doesn't have much confidence in them, they are not on the same page, he is having to hold on to the ball much longer then he has ever had too, rookies not making the proper reads and TFB is having to guess where they will be.  It all takes time.  I think many were expecting them to just take the field and act like vet's, be instant system receivers and expecting TFB to make all the right guesses on where these guys will be.  Yes, a bit better yesterday but still a long way to go before using the phrases we have seen tossed around here like the thread title of this thread and best group of WR's ever, etc.


    I agree that some of it is the rookies' inexperience route running, but TB hasn't been exactly on his game either. There are times when he has receivers that are wide open - and his throwing has been off (too low, behind, overthrow, ect...). People may or may not agree - but maybe these are the first signs that he's aging a little.......


    Perrilo and Hart were "half joking" last week, that the receivers were getting open BECAUSE they are running bad routes.


    Unfortunately, Tom can't predict where they will be, either.