Dockett: Torn ACL/MCL

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    Re: Dockett: Torn ACL/MCL

    I don't care if it's outside but I feel it should be field turf across the board   It's not even grass in dec, it's painted dirt  

    I wondered if Johnson wants out partially cause the turf in Houston.  Didn't he get hurt too?  If watt or clowney get hurt heads will roll 



    Now you got the easy part done telling me about it.

    Does that handshaped bruise on your back hurt?

    But, but I'm a good poster!

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    Re: Dockett: Torn ACL/MCL

    In response to DougIrwin's comment:

    Another one down. 


    I wonder if it happened on the turf that they move in and out of that place down there/ You have to wonder.  Mathieu went down last year at home I believe. Make no mistake, inconsistent footing and shifting like that can contribute to this kind and an injury.


    Welker in Houston in 2009.  Houston and Arizona are the only two stadiums left where ol' Rogie allows the turf to to be pulled in and out of the stadium where it isn't close to settling in. They have dome stadiums and real grass, but the grass has to be moved outside to get sun during the week. I am still surprised this hasn't been addressed. Been talking about this here for years.


    Personally, I feel the union should be demanding more consistency with this.  Kraft and the Pats were strung up for some inconsistent fields back in 2005 when the Stones blew through for a tour that fall, but then a team like Pitt notoriously has the same crap field every year without any Goodell interference.



    Does he play for the patsies? 

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