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Does anyone here agree that Aqib Talib has made a difference?

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    Re: Does anyone here agree that Aqib Talib has made a difference?

    Talib got mixed reviews in his very first game, what we should expect with only 6 days of study. 

    Then came the Jets, best described as a dysfunctional offense.  Yes, the defense held until the score was 35 to 0.  Then they held the Jets to a field goal.  Then they kept the Jets out of the endzone.  Then the defense chewed clock and coasted in to the victory.

    He'll probably be an upgrade against Miami.

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    Re: Does anyone here agree that Aqib Talib has made a difference?

    In response to sportsbozo1's comment:

    With his inclussion to the secondary the Patriots finally have a shutdown corner which allows the other members of the secondary the freedom to make plays,if you look at the play of Gregory the last two weeks you can see what impact a good CB can make on a defense...

    Clearly he's made a difference and his addition aside from his ability has served to bolstered the depth chart. So too has the play of Denard...End of the day Talib's a proven NFL corner and much better than the alternative (Arington) on the outside...His addition to the team allows us to keep McCourty at FS and move Arington inside to cover the slot recievers. Now if we can keep Chung and Gregory on the field manning the SS position. Our ability to get off the field on 3rd and long should improve. Almost as important is a by-product of improved play from the secondary. Should result in us being able to get a little more pressure on the quarterback. Using more eloborate blitz packages and press coverages...

    I'd say that the only real area of concern is when we have our bigs on the field. Because aside from Mayo, none of our current linebackers "excell in converage". Hightower and Spikes are both stout run stoppers, neither have fluid hips that allow them to turn and run with or cover good tightends in space.

    So early returns suggest that his addition (Talib's) has indeed made a difference...time will tell if his addition proved to be the exlicer that helped to propel our defense from a fatal flaw to a true strength...