Does anyone Remember This Game? NYG & Minn Vikings (11/25/2007)

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    Does anyone Remember This Game? NYG & Minn Vikings (11/25/2007)

    I remember watching this game & thinking how poorly the NYG had been playing. They were horrible  & I thought they might bench Manning after the 4 picks. If someone had said they would get hot & win the superbowl...well the rest is history. My point the Pats clearly got outplayed on Monday Night. It happens & let it does not mean the season is over by a long shot. 

    Underestimating the Pats is only a good thing.. Anyone out there who has played sports knows there are games some always play well in (when nothing is at stake) & they are games when others thrive (i.e., playoffs). 

    Brady is a Money QB & the best since Montana. 

    Week 12: vs. Minnesota Vikings


    at Giants StadiumEast Rutherford, New Jersey

    Coming off their road win over the Lions, the Giants went home for a Week 12 intraconference duel with the Minnesota Vikings. In the first quarter, New York trailed early as Vikings QBTarvaris Jackson completed a 60-yard TD pass to WR Sidney Rice. The Giants would respond with RB Reuben Droughns getting a 1-yard TD run. Minnesota retook the lead with safetyDarren Sharper returning an interception 20 yards for a touchdown. In the second quarter, Viking's RB Chester Taylor got an 8-yard TD run, along with kicker Ryan Longwell making a 46-yard field goal.

    In the third quarter, Giant's kicker Lawrence Tynes made a 48-yard field goal, and Minnesota's Longwell made a 26-yard field goal. In the fourth quarter, the Viking's Safety Dwight Smithreturned an interception 93 yards for a touchdown, along with LB Chad Greenway returning an interception 37 yards for a touchdown. New York's QB Eli Manning completing a 6-yard TD pass to WR Plaxico Burress to complete the scoring.

    With the loss, the Giants fell to 7-4.

    Eli Manning was intercepted four times (with three of his interceptions being returned for touchdowns). He became the 3rd NFL QB since 1970 to have 3 interceptions get returned for touchdowns.

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    Re: Does anyone Remember This Game? NYG & Minn Vikings (11/25/2007)

       That is a great example of putting a bad loss (Saints/Pats) in it's proper perspective. To be honest I did not remember that game at all. Until that week 17 game against them where they nearly beat us they had not been on my radar as a real threat. I was most worried about facing the Cowboys before that game (remember this was before Romo's playoff reputation had been earned). After that contest I wanted anyone but the Giants in the Super Bowl. I was rooting like crazy for the Packers because I did not think they could possibly be prepared for our offense having not seen it yet live. After this past monday we now know what we need to improve on to make a real playoff run. It's always best to face the top competition during the regular season to show where the improvements need to be. The Giants where able to solve there issues if anyone can solve our issues with only 5 weeks to go it's Belichek (I'm not sold on some of these assistants though). So thanks again for a great post.