Does anyone remember this?

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    Does anyone remember this?

    A quick break for a moment into history.

    With reading how much Brandon Llyod is fitting into the Patriot offense it brings back memories of Patriot history my brother and I were discussing.

    Way back when, the Patriots (not as sucessful as todays team) had one thing exciting that we couldn't wait hoping to see every Sunday game.
    That was QB Steve Grogan throwing the "Long Bomb" to Stanley Morgan.

    That was the highlight of the game, sometimes he would pull it on the very first opening drive. (back then there wasnt much to hope for) the Super Bowls didnt come this easy for the Patriots.

    Here's hoping that Mr. Brady can light one up with Mr. Llyod and make this football season that much more fun..

    Funny, now that I think of it, Steve Grogan has the very same long Pencil Neck that Gisele B. has....very strange indeed. oh well! 

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    Re: Does anyone remember this?

    Wouldn't it be great to have a receiver like The Steamer on the current Pats team?
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    Re: Does anyone remember this?

    Because of the Brady/Belichick era people tend to forget how bad things were. All reaching a pinnacle when the Pats essentially got murdered by the 85 Bears.
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