Does Mayo still sux?

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    Re: Does Mayo still sux?

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    9 tackles, a sack and a tackle for a loss, after today should be leading the NFL in tackles once again... boy that guy is a bum.



    Terrible day for TCal.



    Nink extension, Mayo with a very nice game and no names like Bolden bailing out Brady with two "rookie puukes" like Thompkins and Dobson.

    Terrible day for TCal. He's probably watching some god awful Kevin Smith movie trying to come up with some witty one liner that will not be funny.


    Is that Harvey's facebook picture by chance?

    Interesting how neither Harvey nor his side kick have posted yet today.  Yesterday and last night they were on here together.  Interesting. 

    It looks like they are one in the same or can't handle coming here alone.  Hehe!!