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Before the year I'd say yes but right now I'm not sure. With the addition of the running game and running mostly 2 TE snaps, along with Fells proving to be a very capable blocker I'm starting to wonder if Welker is now the 3rd or even 4th option. It seems like Gronk and when health Hern might be option #1-2 with Lloyd being 3rd or 4th as Lloyd is always on the field and Welker is flexed out with Edelman and Branch in certain 2 TE sets.

If that's the case then you could make a strong argument that $9mil is not worth spending on a #3/4 option when you have a strong running game. At that point the trade off becomes whether you put that money to enhance another weak spot on the team and if that extra money improves that weakness more then the drop off between Welker to Edelman as a #3/4 option.

If money wasn't a factor then of course it makes sense but since both money and age are factors I'm going to have to go with no for right now


are you suggesting in your post we could sign him for 9 mil?

Well that's what the tag was so for the right number of years I think that would be around what you are looking at. But for $9mil for a single year not a chance more like $9mil average a year over a contract

the tag next year will be close to 12.

pats woudl have to signif increase and welker to lower what hes pushing for, for it to be agreed at 9 mil for multiple years.