Down in Miami for the game...

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    Down in Miami for the game...

    One of the guys in our group cancelled last minute, so we have one ticket available for tomorrows game, I told him I would try to sell it for him (Section 111 7th row, 5-10 yardline on Pats side). Bought the tickets from a bar in Lauderdale By the Sea called The Village Pump, they have 19 bus loads of Pats fans going. The ticket includes breakfast at the bar, round trip bus to the game with free beer on the bus, a big cookout at the bar after the game, and a T-Shirt with the a NE logo on the front and  the bars logo on the back (we got a 2XL for the guy who was suppossed to come, but you can probably exchange that). The package also includes breakfast at the bar Monday and Tuesday if you are still in the area. Paid $210 for the package, which included breakfast Thursday, Friday and today as well. Will take the best offer we can get. Heading back to the bar after the Alabama-Georgia game to see if anyone wants it, I will keep an eye on this board to see if anyone responds as well...!/pages/The-Village-Grille-Pump/158243827640320

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    Re: Down in Miami for the game...

    Bummer. Just left Ft. Lauderdale this morning after a week in  the Carrib. Would have loved that opp!!!