Draft 3

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    Draft 3

    Looks like Michael Johnson tore it up yesterday at his Pro Day:
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    Draft 3

    On the issues of adressing the DB;s in the draft, this is from Kiper's latest column. I question whether nay of the DB's that might be on the board at #23 are worth it. I think I'm convincing myself that the LB's have the inroad at #23, since the dropoff at DB into the second round doesn't seem that severe.


    Back to discussing the draft. "There isn't that one true shutdown cornerback available this year," Kiper says. "And after the subpar 40 times run by the defensive backs at the combine workout, this position isn't really as strong or as deep as originally anticipated." Michael Jenkins, Ohio State: "Jenkins is barely maintaining his spot as the No. 1 cornerback," Kiper says. Although Kiper points out that Jenkins "brings a ton of experience and sound technique to the position," he ran a 4.55 40-yard dash at the combine, which makes Kiper worry whether he's worthy of first-round consideration. Vontae Davis, Illinois: Davis is on Jenkins' heels as the top cornerback in this class. But "he lacks the necessary consistency and is still a work in progress," Kiper says. "But physically, he has the awesome physical talent you look for to warrant a first-round grade." D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt: Kiper says he has impressive cover skills, good return skills, smooth hips and good ball skills, but he lacks good recovery speed. Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest: "The 5-9, 193-pounder would be a first-round lock if he were a few inches taller and a bit faster," Kiper says. Darius Butler, Connecticut: Butler is a multiskilled athlete with outstanding recovery speed, Kiper says. Butler also saw action on offense, with nine receptions, and is a solid kick returner. Underrated: Donald Washington, Ohio State: Washington left school early, a move that many people questioned, but Kiper says he is a solid second-rounder and will draw consideration in the latter portion of Round 1. "He has the physical skills you look for," Kiper says. Others with early-round potential Safeties

    Because USC's Taylor Mays opted to return to school, there isn't a true star at safety in this draft, Kiper says.
    William Moore, Missouri: After his junior season, in which he made eight interceptions, he was considered a first-round pick. But Kiper says a foot injury early in his senior season caused him to have just one pick last season. However, he ran an "impressive" 4.5-second 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. "He could turn out to be a steal in Round 2," Kiper says. Louis Delmas, Western Michigan: "A true ball hawk at free safety." Rashad Johnson, Alabama: "Had a spectacular year in the SEC, evidenced by his three-interception performance against LSU back in early November," Kiper says. He adds that Johnson is smart and instinctive, with his only weakness being a lack of ideal size (5-foot-11, 202 pounds). Others with early-round potential
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    Draft 3

    And here's Kiper's current take on the OLB/ILB's...

    Outside linebackers

    "While there are several high-profile inside linebackers, there's no question the outside linebacker spot is much better when it comes to talent and overall depth," Kiper says. He predicts that as many as four outside linebackers could be chosen in Round 1 of the draft. Aaron Curry, Wake Forest: Curry is the top player on Kiper's draft board. The multidimensional linebacker gets "high grades in all aspects of outside linebacker play." Kiper says he is destined to be a perennial Pro Bowler. Brian Cushing, USC: Kiper says Cushing is able to perform effectively in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. Also, he is more "proven and battle-tested" than his teammate Clay Matthews. Clay Matthews, USC: Matthews is in the Mike Vrabel mold and excels as a pass-rusher, Kiper reports. He is rocketing up draft boards after one season as a starter at USC. Larry English, Northern Illinois: "He was a force to be reckoned with with the Huskies." Clint Sintim, Virginia: "He has the talent and wingspan to operate on his feet or shift to a down defensive end position." He likely will be drafted in the second round.

    Inside linebackers

    Rey Maualuga, USC: "He ranks as one of the hardest-hitting tacklers you will ever come across." James Laurinaitis, Ohio State: "He isn't flashy and lacks awesome computer numbers, but he gets extremely high grades in the consistency department." Kiper believes he needs to be protected by quality defensive tackle play. Others with early-round potential
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    Draft 3

    Yes,I read his breakdowns. I think he is the only major scout who is still clinging to Moore.

    I would also put Sean Smith and Jairus Bird over Washington. But that is just me. I wait to see howSmith does at his pro-day to dole out final judgment. If he cna show a little more straight line speed he should move up.
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    Draft 3

    Faucet, I have been thinking the same thing. Two OLB's with ILB potential. Just adding good linebackers in a strong OLB class sounds smart.

    The need fits the talent and the picks they have.

    Although I would rather spread the love and graba big rush threat like Johnson or Barwin (pref) and then go after Brinkley later.