Draft 5

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    Re: Draft 5

    Interesting.  If you read past all the hype of the draft, everyone was saying it was weak up top but deep in overall talent, and from the looks of the way the Pats have handled it that they viewed it exactly that way. 

    I am a little disappointed that we didn't get any sexy picks (Ayers, I really wanted Ayers, White, Barwin, Matthews), but it does seem like this could end up being a very solid draft with a number of rookie contributors.  I like that they got Butler so late, although I did read that he "Hits like a marshmallow." 

    As always, time will tell.  On to day 2!
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    Re: Draft 5

    BB about to talk about the picks in ESPN
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    Re: Draft 5

    32 reps on the bench press is impressive for a guy his size but he's still a head scratcher to me. I could see a 3rd or a 4th but a late 2nd rounder they could of had someone better than him, but the Pats know alot more about football than I ever will so I'll give up.

    Tomorrows Picks I'd like to see.

    Michael Johnson OLB/DE
    Rashad Jennings RB or Devin Moore RB or Andre Brown RB
    Jarron Gilbert DT/DE or Everette Pedescleaux DT/DE
    Ramses Barden WR or Derrick Williams WR
    Japser Brinkley ILB or Antonio Appleby ILB or Jason Williams ILB
    Cornelius Ingram TE or James Casey TE or Jared Cook TE
    Jamon Meredith OL or Jason Watkins OL or TJ Lang or Antoine Caldwell C
    Tony Fiammetta FB
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    Re: Draft 5

    You can wait a while for Devin Moore.

    Andre Brown looks really good.

    I doubt NE takes Michael Johnson. He really isn't a "patriot" type guy.

    On that note, it looks like Crable will get his shot next season. Either that or they are bringing  in Jason Taylor.

    My only LB'er that I love left is Tyrone McKenzie. Oh, Jasper Brinkley is a good option too. Like i said, every bit the prospect as Rey Maualuga, minus the injury.

    SO I am hoping they can get one WR or TE, one RB, one interior OL and one Linebacker.

    Then I will be happy.

    so . . .

    #72 Tyrone McKenzie
    #83 Cook
    #89 Andre Brown
    #97 Troy Kropog
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    Re: Draft 5

    Yea i hear ya on Johnson but I guess his freakish body intrigues me and I just think BB could coach him up to be the next Willie Mac j/k but you get the point.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Vollmer is a very interesting pick.  He's raw, but has a ton of ability.  Hopefully, Scarneccia can take a year and turn him into a dominant tackle. Other than no pass rusher, good first day.  Need to pick up someone like Michael Johnson or Cody Brown in Round 3.
    Posted by pyegian

    no Cody Brown either, Arizona took him
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    Re: Draft 5

    Brace may lead to the occasional use of the 4-3 and to beef up red-zone defense.  Vollmer sounds like a project, he could project to 6'8" 370 (he has room to grow).  BB wouldn't take him this early if he didn't believe he has 5 star potential.  Butler is a great addition and Chung has good speed from the tapes I've watched.

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    Re: Draft 5

         They could have had him in the third?? They could have had him in the 6th!! Who is Heir Vollmer??       LOL!! Seriously, who knows whether these guys will be any good. Name guys like Connor Barwin and Rey Maualuga could have been had...yet BB passed on them several times. It just comes down to the ol' "In Bill We Trust". Lets hope that all of the Pats' picks can play.      I loved the trade-down from the 26th pick with Green Bay, in which the Pats got the 41st, 73rd, and 83rd picks in return.       Since the Pats haven't made any headway in getting a pass-rusher, I expect that they'll sign FA Jason Taylor after the draft.  
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I think they can all play. They are all my guys. Chung, Butler, Brace. All three. I would have been happy with anyone of them at #23.

    All three will be quality football players. Chung will be a star here. You will know he can play when he jacks up some WR over the middle like no-one in the NFL and the ball comes loose. In the same conference, he had better statistics and triangle numbers than Troy Polomalu, on a defense with half the stars. If he played at Ohio or USC or LSU he would have been a mid first pick.

    He is the heaviest hitter in the draft pound for pound. Signal caller for Oregon and team captain. Monster SS. Exactly what NE needs after a few seasons of watching James Sanders try to drag people down by their ankles, and I emphasize "try." Now they can play Meriweather from the high point where he belongs. If it is Chung and not Meriweather making that tackle on the Jets TE last season on 3rd and 15 it is 4th and 1 instead of 1st and 10.  Exactly the kind of intimidator Ne needs in the secondary.

    Darius Butler will be an all-pro. He is elite fast and elite quick and really smart. Watch him play Bufaloe. He is a dominant cover corner.

    And Ron Brace will spell the end of Wilfork. He is bigger and stronger. He is a touch slower, but it doesn't matter because he can devour a double team and is the best run defender at the point of attack in the last few drafts.

    Maualuga is not my guy-- yeah he made some big hits,but he is a moron. He couldn't play in this defense. BB passing on him three times explains that clearly. Him faling out of the first explains it as well.

    It would have been nice to take a crack at Barwin, but that is life. You can't get em all. My guess is he was on the board but after those three, which makes sense to me, because I had two of the three ahead of him. Then someone picked him up before #58.

    I agree Jason Taylor is definitely an option. He would do well to help bring Crable along who hs an identical "long" frame: teach him how to drop and set an edge.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Love this draft for us so far.  

    And FOUR MORE picks in round 3!

    Have to admit, I'm curious to see what the Pats locker room would do with Michael Johnson.  Could be worth a flier.

    If we're not trading for Taylor or Peppers(I think the latter is possible tomorrow btw) that means BB liked what he saw last year in Crable.

    Love to add a Wideout too.  Need some depth there.

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    Re: Draft 5

    Florida's Murhpy is still on the board. He is about the most you can expect. Pure upside -- backhanded comment on how raw he is.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Zb, thank you for that pick by pick analysis, I was already happy with the picks, but you leave me going to bed even more excited about the players the Patriots have added already.

    I think both Chung and Butler are going to be stars.  Meriweather is also an emerging star.  I can't wait to have a young, athletic secondary that can actually stop the other team from throwing the ball all over the field.

    I find your comments on Brace interesting, I didn't know much about him because I honestly didn't anticipate him coming to New England.  I love Wilfork, and would hate to see him go, but he basically is a 2 down run stopper, and if Brace can replace that, it saves a lot of money. I may be in the minority, but I think Seymour is more important to the defense than any nose tackle in there.

    Michael Johnson and Lawrence Sidbury are my top targets for tomorrow.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Johnson nor Sidbury fit the Pats scheme.  Neither will be looked at.  They fit the 4-3 better. 
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    Re: Draft 5

    Wow....interesting day one to say the least. As usual the Pats seem to be playing it as smart as you'd expect. The trade with GB was pure genius...flipping a 1 they obviously weren't crazy about into 3 valuable picks in the meat of the draft.

    Chung! Butler! I didn't know much about Ron Brace, but they obviously thought highly of him....and Seymour for that matter...unless we take Jarron Gilbert today as Seymour's replacement. Think about how much $$ they would be saving if they replaced those 2 guys with a 2nd and 3rd round picks.  

    I know nothing about Vollmer but it doesn't seem like anybody besides ZB does either...seems like BB has to throw in one head scratcher every year just to get his kicks.

    Oh well on Barwin/Maualuga....at the point we'd passed on Maualuga 3 times I knew he wasn't the pick @ 34...but that's just cuz I'm real smart. ;-)

    JTaylor is obviously going to be a Patriot...would've been interesting to see if we would've bit on English @ 23 if he was there though.

    It'll be nice to have a fully stocked and loaded defensive backfield next year. It's been awhile since we've had the toys to compete back there it seems.

    Today I hope we use the 3rd rounders on: ILB, DE, TE, T & WR. Putting Bruschi's replacement in the pipeline seems highly necessary if someone like Brinkley's there...but maybe they have someone pegged in FA next year or they like Guyton more than I think. Either way the depth at that spot isn't great as it is.

    Well fellas...happy drafting!
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    Re: Draft 5

    Johnson nor Sidbury fit the Pats scheme.  Neither will be looked at.  They fit the 4-3 better. 
    Posted by garytx

    I think in a hypothetical world Johnson could play OLB. But he is dumber than a bag of hammers.  So I agree . . .neither.

    But part of me hopes that the Pats take him so everyone can stop gnashing their teeth over missing RM and Connor Barwin.
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    Re: Draft 5

    It is impossible to grade picks until much later. But I would give NE a MUCH higher grade than B-.

    I woul have given them a B- or C+ if they were fool enough to take scrubs like Clay Matthews in the first round. Chung will be twice the player Matthews will ever be.

    I am going to say based on how I projected these kids before the draft:

    Chung A- I have been saying all  along  . .every scout is wrong about this kid. He is a rare football playing talent. I can't wait to see how they use him. With Chung and Meriweather Ne has the best young Safety tandem in football and eventually Sanders can become the mere "depth" that he really is.

    Brace A- Will end up being the steal of the draft, this kid is good.

    Butler A+ At 47 the best cover corner in the draft! Nuff said. A year from now, provided old crystal wrist can stay on the field, Ne will have solved its DB problems and have a great group of players all playing at a high level for a combined salary that is less than what Baltimore is paying Dominque Foxworth. Ne should get down to resigning Meriweather soon too.

    Vollmer B  Pure upside. I understand when teams make these selections as the day moves on.

    So I would put the grade at something like an A- so far. Just a much more solid group of players than they have had at this point in previous seasons IMHO.

    I am much happier now than I was one year ago today. But then, there wasn't nearly as much second and third round talent last year as there is this year.

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    Re: Draft 5

    Yeah I think they at least deserve a B+ IMHO. I mean they got a guy with a 1st rnd grade and got him #41 talk about a steal. They also got Chung and he was SS I wanted the Pats to grab over Delmas/Moore. Hopefully he can come in and contribute right away to shut up the doubters but I think BB and the Pats know alot more how to run a team than your average fan. Ron Brace could be the ending of VW but at least the Pats have a fall back plan at their price. The only curveball was Vollmer and thats because I never really heard anything about him other than seeing his name at NFLDraftCountdown.com.
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    Re: Draft 5

    The interesting part is that the players that everyone is crying about all are going to the Bengals. LOL.

    I bet if NE traded up and drafted this . . .

    Andre Smith
    Rey Maualuga
    Michael Johnson

     . . .  everyone would be doing cartwheels.

    That is what the Bengals got. Do these people really want the same guys the Bengals want? For real?

    They are a trainwreck of a team. Always measurables, buzz, and BPA over football skills, intelligence and character. And their team reflects it.

    I would take Chung, Butler and Brace over those three any day.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Clearly Maualuga has some issues for him to slip right out of the first rnd and we've already discussed MJ and his size is really what intrigued me all the way through but I agree the Bengals can have them because that team is leader less from the top to the bottom. I really feel bad for Carson Palmer but not that bad because he's getting paid millions.

    What do you think ZB do the Pats draft R. Jennings with #83?
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    Re: Draft 5

    What did the Pats get for their first 3 round pick?
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    Re: Draft 5

    What did the Pats get for their first 3 round pick?
    Posted by mrmikejohnson

    They traded with the Jags and got their 7th round this year and next years 2nd rounder. IMHO the Pats got a steal out of this deal!
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    Re: Draft 5

    Pats select Brandon Tate and I must say I love this pick a 1st round talent at #83 wow!
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    Re: Draft 5

    Ugh. I was excited until I heard "he tested positive at the combine."
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    Re: Draft 5

    As expected, Coach Bill ANNIHILATED my perception of what we should be doing, in the first 2 rounds!

    And that is fine with ME! In Bill We Trust!

    By far, the most underrated aspect of managing a football team is the Salary Cap, the constraints of which force all teams to plan a good 3 to 5 years ahead. While that may seem ridiculous ~ and of course it IS ~ the ones who fail to do so ~ and that's at least 25 of the 32 teams, frankly! ~ continually and constantly watch, helplessly, as their teams get torn apart, as they are forced to let more of their Core leave than they can possibly afford.

    The rest of the league was cutting the distance between them and Coach Bill, ere the last 4 years...

    But Coach Bill is pulling away, surging, once again, and doing so right before our very eyes...VERY reminiscent of Bill Walsh and the Miners of the latter 80's.


    In short, Coach Bill wasn't feeling the love for Maualuga, Matthews, et cetera...or any of the rest of the Top 32. He just didn't see them as being worth investing a Gold Chip Pick in...or, more importantly, in investing precious Salary Cap Room in.

    Now, we've got 4 2nd Round Picks, and 4 3rd Round Picks.

    That...is INSANE.

    That is INSANE.

    Right now, most Yankees are howling in rage, because Coach Bill didn't draft anyone most'f us'f ever HEARD of.

    But those folks don't realize how SEISMIC this weekend's event have BEEN.

    The most damaging attribute of The Salary Cap Era has been DEPTH. Had the Salary Cap not forced us ~ even with the truly MAGNIFICENT management of Coach Bill and Counselor Pioli, ere the last 9 years ~ to strip down our Reserves to vulnerable levels, we wouldn't've bottomed out at Running Back in 2005, at Wide Receivers in 2006, at LineBackers in 2007, and at QuarterBacks in 2008.

    We would've, most likely, won an additional 4 Super Bowls...and been working on our 7th consecutive, right now.

    The Salary Cap is EVIL.



    Depth of Talent.

    Depth of young, talented players of Skill and Ferocity at all positions.

    Because of YEARS of judicious, patient, and disciplined management of Draft Picks and Veterans, Coach Bill has put us in...an extraordinary position.

    We went into this draft with the deepest and most talented team in the WORLD. In the WORLD.

    We went into this draft with two guys who I'm betting will soon be considered the Greatest Coach AND the Greatest QuarterBack of All Time.

    We went into this draft with a fusion of talent, experience, depth, and youth that is the ENVY of all other 31 teams.

    And now we're in the middle of surging FAR ahead of where we already were.

    8 picks in the first 3 Rounds???

    The value of having a DEEP roster of young, talented, and dedicated professionals, playing for BEANS...can NOT be overestimated.

    We are going to have ~ minus whichever number of picks we trade forward to enhance NEXT year's draft ~ anywhere from 6 to 8 Top 3 Round picks ~ and an equally advantageous position NEXT year! ~ who we'll be able to lock up for 5 YEARS, as they and the other young talents we already have infuse a TIDAL WAVE of Speed, Power, and Ferocity into this team of passionate, self-sacrificing GREATS that it is truly a privilege to root for.

    Coach Bill just took out a Lien on the next 5 years.

    As INSANE as it is to even say it, the best years of the Patriots are almost certainly
    yet to come.

    I can't believe it.