Draft 5

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    Draft 5

    Time to get the draft talk going again.  Little more than 2 weeks away, and I'm getting excited.

    Players of note that have visited or are visiting the Pats over the past couple of weeks include Connor Barwin, Patrick Chung, William Moore, Louis Delmas, Evander Hood, Pat White, Jarron Gilbert, and Brooks Foster.

    Mocks seem to be all over the place, as do player rankings, and this could turn out as one of the more unpredictable drafts in recent memory.

    My new mock through 3 rounds:

    #23: Connor Barwin, OLB
    #34: Jarron Gilbert,  DE
    #47: D.J. Moore, CB
    #58: (Trade)
    #89: Andy Levitre, G
    #98: Austin Collie, WR
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    Re: Draft 5

    at 47, I don't think the Pats will go for another undersized CB. Moore would be a great pick normally, but not with Wilhite and Wheatley filling the role of the undersized CB understudy.
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    Re: Draft 5

    #23 Clay Matthews OLB
    #34 Connor Barwin OLB/TE
    #47 Phil Loadholt OT
    #58 Evander Hood DT
    #89 Jasper Brinkley ILB
    #97 Pat White WR/QB or Ramses Barden WR
    4th Courtney Greene S
    5th Andre Brown RB
    6th Darius Hill TE
    6th Alex Boone OT
    7th Joe Burnett CB

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    Re: Draft 5

    great to be back, and right about time, draft is on in a little more than two weeks.  Right to work.

    #23 Rey Maulauga 
    #34 Connor Darwin
    #47 Jarron Gilbert
    #58 William Moore
    #89 Fenuki Tupoui
    #97 Pat White
    #124 Coye Francies
    #170 Andy Kemp
    #199 Stephen McGee
    #207 Brenard Scott
    #234 Bear Pascoe 
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    Re: Draft 5

    There is no way the Pats keep all 11 draft picks...they'll package a few for next years draft
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    Re: Draft 5

    There is no way the Pats keep all 11 draft picks...they'll package a few for next years draft
    Posted by grego84

    Agree, but which one?  Players I think they'll take if that pick is kept.  They will not bring all those guys in.
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    Re: Draft 5


    im not sure were gna get him but just watchin Pat White's highlights make me shiver. Just think of all the things we could do with him. i would be so happy if we got him! DJ Moore looks like he might be high on the pats board if BB went to visit him at UConn.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Does no one think we will draft Robiski the WR from Ohio State? I think he would be a great NFL WR
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    Re: Draft 5

    I've been wondering if it's possible that Maclin might drop to #23. I kinda doubt he would make it past the Jets at 17, but that would be a very interesting surprise/option.

    I've also come across an alternative analysis of Michael Johnson, that he played every single down, plus every special teams play, and also that his role was to stay in his area, drop back into coverage when necessary, and to not overpursue in the event of a reverse.
    GT also apparently had an offense that tended to score very quickly, further minimizing the rest of this 270 pounder.

    All of these factors could help explain what people are reporting about his game tape. I honestly would not be disappointed if he was taken at #23.

    He is significantly stronger than Barwin, can definitely line up as a 4-3 end, and has the ability to cover, although I doubt quite as well as Barwin.

    We have enough linebacker depth that Johnson wouldn't be overplayed like he was last year out of necessity, and he's less likely to face as many double teams on the Patriots.

    He could be the closest thing to Peppers we could find, and would probably be better in coverage.

    He's not going to be as good as Peppers, but he's also not going to cost 10-14 million dollars a year.

    As far as his percieved weakness against the run, I think he'll improve in that area playing from OLB, and often going up against TE's significantly weaker than him.

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    Re: Draft 5

    Here's my latest take.

    #23 Ziggy Wood  Let's face it, Green and Seymour are likely gone after the season, (Green maybe after the draft) but I hope we resign Wilfork.  Hood appears to be athletic enough to play 3-4 DE and big enough to play NT.  Looking ahead to 2010 we can't afford to lose all three of these guys without addressing at least one replacement in this draft.  BB has a history of using his 1st round picks on D line and I think this pick makes the most sense unless Maualuga slips here.

    #34 Connor Barwin, Larry English, Clint Sintim, James Laurinaitis (if he slips).  Although Barwin's athletism is incredible he has a lot to learn to play OLB.  Some think he will go in the first but that is just media hype.  Nobody will spend their top pick on a project.  I could see him being used in goal line situations as a TE and work him in on passing downs.  However, the Peppers trade could involve this pick and I do think he will be dealt.

    #47 Pat White  This will shock everyone.  A week ago I never thought we'd go this high on him but then I learned the Jets, Broncos, Eagles and Pats are all crazy about him.  This could be a smoke screen forcing the Jets to trade up but it could be we have real interest and here's why.  For us White makes sense in that we keep him away from the Jets and he saves us a roster spot.  Gutierrez can no longer be on the practice squad so he's going to get cut so we need a 3rd QB.  Aiken is now our #5 WR and Galloway is 37 and on loan for one year.  So, our need for a WR is moderate to high.  White kills two birds with one stone plus he gives us one heck of a wildcat option.  Officially White can be our #2 QB allowing us to dress O'Connell as our emergency #3 without counting him against our 45 man game roster.  This way we actually get a player in White that can contribute as mentioned plus maybe even on special teams so he saves us a roster spot.  We can keep or cut Aiken.  That alone is worth a 2nd rounder especially when you have 3. 

    The reason for taking him at #47 instead of #58 is right now he's at #76 on my board but will go much higher.  Of the strongly interested teams, NE 47, DEN 48, NYJ 52, PHI 53, NE 58, NYJ 76, PHI 85, NE 89.  There is no way he makes it to us at 89.  Given how the boards are set we got to take him at 47 and it will not surprise me if one of these teams, especially DEN move ahead of us to get him.  If they do so be it. 

    #58 Chase Coffman (if we don't draft Barwin), Rashad Jennings or Lawrence Sidbury.  Take your pick they all make sense.

    #89 Gerald Cadogan  Many of you think we will go higher with our first OL pick.  Not me.  We have 14 OL on the roster and will likely carry only 10.  BB brought in a lot of depth at OL already and I've got to feel he believes he will make a gem out of one of them vs drafting one high.  BB historically doesn't spend high picks on the OL.  He prefers value later on and coaching them up.  As it is drafting and keeping any OL that doesn't go to the practice squad will cost one of our contributors to be cut.  Yes we have a bunch heading for free agency.  Neal and Kaczur I think will be gone which will pay for Mankins.  Getting a guy like Cadogan who is massive and fast, 6-5, 309 and runs a 4.99 and has a 3.68 GPA in a double major at Penn State is a BB type player.  I have him ranked at 97 but I don't think he'll last.  He's even a risk to go before 89 given the premium on OTs.

    #97  Chip Vaugh or Dave Bruton  Many of you think we should target one of the 3 top safeties in the 2nd.  I no longer feel this way.  He signed James Sanders long term and Meriweather is making progress.  There are no clear cut stars in this draft so I feel we will be looking for depth.  Both these guys are 6-2, 220ish and run 4.40ish.  Maybe we can coach one up.  I would not rule out taking a MLB here either.  Jason Williams has been talked about.

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    Re: Draft 5

    IM still thinking the 1st pick will be traded.so at pick 34 im thinking Larry english,or connor barwin.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Great to be back!!

    I'm thinking Larry English. It appears that Mr Jason Taylor won't make up his mind any time soon. So, we must address that need, and English is the most polished prospect to play 3 downs @ OLB.

    Faucetman, you make a great point on Ziggy Hood. I can totally see this happening @23 also. He would be our best rush D-Lineman.
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    Re: Draft 5

    23: Larry English

    34: Trade

    47: Pat White

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    Re: Draft 5

    I really just don't get Pat White for this team, unless its in round 3 or lower.  The wildcat is good for teams that don't have great quarterbacks, but would any of you really rather have Pat White taking a single snap over Brady in a game?  I know I wouldn't. 

    As a receiver, its not like his athleticism is so good that we can wait for him to develop as a receiver.  There are much more polished receivers in the draft that run just as well as White did at the Combine/pro days.

    I am a huge Robiskie ran, but I think he will be gone before the Pats are ready to draft a receiver, unfortunately.  

    One new name in my mock that we should keep an eye on is Austin Collie from BYU.  His production was phenomenal last year, with 100+ catches, 1,500 yards and 15 TD.  He's not going to be a deep threat in the NFL but he runs great routes, has great hands, has good size, and is very intelligent.  Sounds like a perfect #3 receiver.
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    Re: Draft 5

    The Pats interest in White could totally be a smoke screen aimed at the Jets.  If the Jets think we might take White at #47 they have to move up to at least 46, right?  This would take them packaging 52 with 115 and maybe 193 leaving them only with #17, 76 and their 7th round comp pick.  Not to mention they would have reached.  As you say, wildcat helps cover up for not having a great QB.  For us it makes sense as I said strictly from saving a roster spot.  White becomes the #3 QB and #5 WR meaning we can cut Gutierrez and Aiken.  I think he could still be dangerous lined up as a WR sending him in motion for a direct snap making him a threat to run, pass or lateral it back to Brady.  BB would certainly be able to devise some trickery of his own.

    Right now I don't think we'd take him at #47 but if we do, those would be the reasons.

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    Re: Draft 5

    If Robert Ayers and Ziggy are there at #23, who do we take?  I might have to lean towards Ayers.  But I'm really starting to love Hood at #23.   You don't see many 300 lb guys running a 4.83.  That's basically what Pettigrew runs.  TE speed at 34 DE.  I wish he was an inch or two taller but doesn't matter, he can play 5 technique or NT.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Man I've been jonesing for these boards to re-open! It's also nice too see everyone spent their free time working on a draft board.The latest entry to the possibles is Pat White and interesting choice though I like him I can't see anyone drafting him before late 2nd round but more like 3rd round..We still have the same cast of potentials on the list but everyone seems to think the Patriots are going to draft a Linebacker at #23,but watch out because Darius Butler is making some headway!We'll see but I'm not committing until the 24th.I still am leaning towards the Best available O-lineman as the first pick.
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    Re: Draft 5


    I had the Pats taking Collie a long time back, but still agree he might be a fit.  Could be a steal in the 4th-5th round
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    Re: Draft 5

    If they do take a CB in the first round, and I'm not convinced that should be the route they take, I would take Darius Butler over Vontae Davis in a heartbeat.  Maybe Davis has more upside, but I like Butler's polished game a lot more.  Davis' bust potential seems huge.

    Bozo, I agree that O-line is a definite need, but I don't see that being the Pats 1st round selection, for 2 reasons: for one, the value on offensive lineman this year is early round 1, and in round 2.  Mid to late 1st round is a bit of a gap in o-line value, in my opinion.  Second, Dante Scarnecchia is great at developing mid round offensive lineman into very solid starters.  Granted, they took Mankins in the first round and he is clearly the best of the bunch, but even that was at pick #32.

    I like guys like Duke Robinson, Jamon Meredith, and Andy Levitre in rounds 2-3.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Well Mike Wright is Wilfork's back up at nose and he's 6-4, 295.  Wright has started at NT when Wilfork was hurt and/or suspended.  Hood at 6-3, 300 would be seemingly an upgrade to Wright.  Officially Wilfork is 6-2, 325 and I think we all agree we don't have a better solution for Wilfork.  That's why we have to re-sign him.  Seymour is 6-6, 310.  I think Hood can play either position but obviously I'd be surprised if he plays at the same high level as those two guys.

    I'd be pretty happy with Ayers too at #23 and maybe even Laurinaitis but would like to see him drop to 34
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    Re: Draft 5

    I kind of like Pat White as a wildcat QB on third and 1 foot, when Brady is diving into a one ton wall of bodies and getting beat up for nothing.  Also, White is good for the no-wedge rule, as the Pats can have two mini-wedges and maybe White can lateral it across the field.  The Patriots really need to draft a third QB of moderate talent, either fast or big, with a work ethic, and after that probably not much, can't throw long like Brady, never started in college like Cassel, never saw a football pad before in his life like Steve Neal, maybe injured but recovering, the usual Patriots problem children.

    Other than that, really, I don't know what the scouts see, either good or bad.  Just a wild guess, Georgia Tech DE/LB Johnson at least is strong.

    The actual draft numbers won't look the least bit like #23, #34, #47, #58.  I can at least predict that two of those numbers will jump forward about 5 slots,  one number will jump backward 5 slots, and one number will jump into 2010.  How's that for a call?
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    Re: Draft 5

    IM still thinking the 1st pick will be traded.so at pick 34 im thinking Larry english,or connor barwin.
    Posted by mosseffect43

    I have a feeling this will happen to.  There just is nothing at #23 to get jazzed up about.
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    Re: Draft 5

    It would be interesting to see if the top 3 QBs really go in the top 10 like Reiss suggests. How about Stafford at 1, Sanchez at 4, and Freeman at 8 ... I'd feel bad for Stafford and the Jags in this scenario. On the otherhand, Sanchez and the Seahawks could be a dominant tandem for a long time. I'd guess Monroe at 2 and Curry at 3 then, though, both teams could look to move down as some team may want to move up for their player if they rate Monroe, JSmith, Curry, Crabtree, or Sanchez higher than others.
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    Re: Draft 5

    Hey ya'll,

    Just happy to be back up and running...haven't seen any complaints about the new board so apparently it's working well...or at least better than the last junk heap.

    @ 23 I like Darius Butler, unless Maualuga slips, but didn't he flunk the Wonderlic? With the amount of dough CB/DB's make nowadays it would seem like a good way to pre-empt the impending FA of Hobbs/Bodden and also to give us great depth short term. I don't need to recount the # of times we've had scrap head DB's starting for us in the playoffs or before for that matter.

    @ 34
      I still hope we take Barwin...versatile as a mofo. I could even see him potentially stepping inside and catching TD's on offense. 

    @47  It seems like Jarrod Gilbert is the right size to play on our line, but I don't know a whole lot about him.

    @58  Jamon Meredith or the best available Safety.

    After that we should grab (in no particular order) a WR, RB, TE and the Safety or OLineman we didn't get @ 58.

    That's what I'm thinking today boys...good to be back reading all your postings!

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    Re: Draft 5

    Respect all the post, here is my take of the circumstances currently. There are several LB and linemen available in the draft and NE will pick up their share in the 2nd  round. They may address  their need of a LB in the first but my take is all these players visiting predraft looksees are mostly smoke screens. BB does the same thing every year but he is actually interested in only one or two. He also sent a message to current players when he sent Grable to KC, either play to your potential or be prepared to go somewhere else.
    The # 1 pick in this draft for NE may be a LB or Lineman but it won't be they'll take Pat White or trade their #23 for two later draft picks or Pat White. He's versatile may be utilized as a RB, WR or QB smoke and screens at this point. It's who's available at #23, #34 and #47 and thier immediate need but watch White.