Draft Day Moves

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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    Comments in blue, Seattle could be a trade partner if the price is right.

    Ok, here's my idea for the Pats to upgrade their O and D considerably, all the while loading the team for the future:

    Step 1) trade the 44th pick and a conditional pick for next year to Denver for Brandon Marshall (can anyone imagine lining up against Moss and Marshall?) This move alone will help to neutralize the Jets moves this off-season.  We'd also have a great long term replacement for Moss and a guy in his prime.
    All the Pats moves this offseason and Krat's comments have been made towards high character guys, team guys, Patriots way.  Marshall is a far off that type player as you can get, although a very good WR I would not want him brought in.  I think there are options in the draft that will help.  Wouldn't give up a 2nd for him.  Remember next year there are free agents the likes of Vincent Jackson, Austen Miles and many more.  I rather give those guys the type contract Marshall will be looking for.

    Step 2) trade the 22nd and next years #1 (our 1, not the Raiders) to Seattle for their #14 and select stud RB CJ Spiller (he would be an ideal weapon for Brady and the Pats.  He can do it all and has home run ability.  Think Kevin Faulk, with a hell of a lot more talent)
    Although I like moving up but not for spiller, he's an amazing guy but with the huge need at OLB and DE I would look for Derick Morgan, McClain, Graham maybe even JPP.  In the 2nd you can get Best or Tate who are also speed guys with tate also giving you a big back.  Seattle could be a trade partner but might be a 1 and 2 this year.

    Step 3) Select Jerry Hughes from TCU with our #47 (this guy gets after the QB and reminds me of Elvis Dumerville)
    Like the pick, if we can't get Graham Hughes is close, not the same player but close and should provide a nice pass rush, I don't know if he makes it to 47.

    Step 4) Select Aaron Hernandez TE from Florida with #53 (very underrated due to offense Florida ran.  Has WR talent in a TE body.  Won't block well, but can stretch the D and will be able to exploit the middle since teams will go crazy trying to cover Moss, Marshall, Edelman, and Spiller.  Also, stronger and faster than almost any other TE.  Oh yeah, never missed a game in college due to injury)
    I have been mocking for a while and have been against a TE but that's a personal prefference.  Seen plenty of mocks with a TE in the 2nd, a guy to watch for is Scott Sicko in the 6th or 7th.  Tall fast and decent blocker.

    Step 5) Select Major Wright DB from Florida at #119 (fast, instinctual, will support the run well, and can cover.  Watched a lot of UF games and this kid is a play maker. Could play safety or CB position if Patrick Chung has progressed any.  Would be fun to see him and Merriweather running around making plays)
    have to be honest I don't know much about him, could be an option if you they address DE OLB in 1st and 2nd.  A guy some of us like in the 4th is A.J. Edds has the best cover skills of any LB in the draft. 

    Finally, move Matt Light to RT and Sebastian Vollmer to LT.  There you have it.  These moves address a plethora of areas.  It would add both youth and experience to the team.  Each of these guys could either start or contribute right away.  In the case of Marshall, I believe Spiller; we'd have two pro-bowl types for years to come. 
    I agree Voll needs to move to L but Light won't move to RT, he probably requests a trade before he moves to RT.  In his last year of a contract he IMO is trade bait, look for a few teams to inquire about a trade including KC, Chicago maybe even Seattle.

    Let me know what you guys think about these moves.  I don't think they are too Pollyannaish since they are fairly realistic.  Although, I am not convinced Seattle would be willing to trade down and pick up an additional 1 next year.  We may have to sweeten the pot there. 
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    no thank you on Marshall.  Spiller only if we DONT have to trade up.  So yeah, I would not support that draft at all.
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    IMHO, first 4 picks NEED to be OLB/ILB, DE, OL, WR/TE  at least 3 of these guys NEEDS to be impact players.  BB has to get these picks right, as they have too many glaring holes to not plug them tightly.  OL needs to be any position, although RT is probably the weakest link.  Light SHOULD be used to gain additional pick to move up if possible.  Adalius needs to be moved even if you have to send a 7th with him to get back a future 7th or conditional pick just to decide which team he goes to.  WR or TE is really a matter of choice, as Edelman and Moss can pair with Crumpler and New player( TE or WR) along with a RB to ably fill the hole until Welker gets back.  I do think Marshall for a second is worth it, but would offer 53rd and sweeten with 6th's and or 7ths to make it happen.
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    I think there is a chance that Marshall goes to Washington in a draft day trade. Though I'm not sure what Compensation the Broncos would receive as i don't think Washington wantsa too surrender their first round draft pick in this years draft especially since it's the #4 pick overall.
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    Hey Ive been screaming about Marshall all year. And also have been saying that the Broncos will part w/ Marshall for a early-mid second rd pick despite what they are saying. Something else Ive been hoping for is the PATS to trade up and grab a stud like Haden , McClain , Berry , or Thomas. This team needs a few playmakers.
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    I hate your draft. Too much emphasis on the offense. The defense needs more help than the offense. 
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    ehh thats a weak mock, if we move up itd be for morgan not spiller, getting Marshall would be great, and we could probly look over his off the field issues, we did for Moss and as of now Marshall looks better then Moss and would be worth the risk
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    Step 2... it wouldn't take what you propose to get Spiller. It is for the taking with either of these deals... Our #22 and #47 for # 8, 10 or 11. Or if the Patriots want to holds onto #22 and still get a top 11 pick they trade one of the 2011 1st round picks and #44 for 8-11.

    I like the option that keeps our #22 personally when you take into account the 2011 draft will be weak and likely a low yield for first round tallent I say spin our 2011 first rounder into a pick that will likely have a lot of value. 

    You could end up with lets say #10, #22, #47, # 53 and front load these contracts so when a cap is in place in 2011 and beyond it has minimal impact on the cap.

    Personally if I was drafting I wouldn't stop there I would trade #53 to Cleveland for a 3rd and 5th round this year and a 3rd in 2011 as well from them. They are loaded with picks in 3rd and 5th rounds and would like to move up to second round from what I have read. 
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    Re: Draft Day Moves

    In Response to Re: Draft Day Moves:

    I dont like it. Draft D early and late. The RB position is fine.....