Draft Javon Ringer

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    Draft Javon Ringer

    I wanted them to draft Ringer for a while, but have sort of resigned myself to the fact that there will be no dayone RB's for NE.

    He has terrific hands. He is actualy a lot like Faulk, he has nasty school records, but there are some doubts about whether he can play in the pros at the same level -- which was the story with KF coming out.

    I think he certainly has the build, and speed (although a slow combine time created doubts that were erased at his pro day) and he definitey has the nads to be the everydown guy here . . . I just am not that optimistic.

    I think if he is there at the comp pick in the third, maybe they take a crack at him.
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    Draft Javon Ringer

    ZB, Can Ringer or Moore block as good as Faulk ? I have my doubts. Again even the comp 3rd pick seems early for the Pats to draft a RB. Do like both as receivers outof the backfield though and either one could have return duties.

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    Draft Javon Ringer

    Could Faulk block as wellas he can when he was a young en'?

    Prople forget it took the better part of a decade to turn Faulk from a second round bust into what he is.

    Remember how he would fumble the ball every 10 touches or 20 touches or so? He wasn't close to being the chip blocker he is now then either.

    AFAIC, if they pick up a scat back who can hang on to the ball, they are already developmentally ahead of where Kev was when he came in. It will, in fact, take a few seasons to turn anyone into what he was last season.

    And I can't think of any third down backs coming out with tremendous blocking skills.
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    Draft Javon Ringer

    I just heard this guy being interviewed on Sirius XM. He's as strong as an ox and runs 4.4 in the 40. We need to find an upgrade for Maroney; we can't count on Taylor and Morris -- they don't have many years left. I think Ringer is an upgrade over BJGE. I'm not sure which round he will go, but I'm guessing mid to lower second round.

    -- dx
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    Draft Javon Ringer

    Mike Goodson from Texas A&M can be Faulk's replacement and should be availalbe in the 4th round.
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    Draft Javon Ringer

    Ringer has a lot of miles on him already. Is that cause for concern, or is the NE run by committee approach enough to allay any worries?

    He's an interesting prospect, certainly. I just wonder if he is significantly better than RBs in the later rounds, such as Devin Moore or Antone Smith.