Draft not to blame

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    Draft not to blame

    What do you people want when you blame the draft for any troubles with the Pats?

    Last year most of you guys complained about the defense, insisting on drafting linebackers. The LB's got hit with injuries, not bad drafting. 

    Some of you recognized the need for OL last year. I think we did well there and will replace the line within 2 years, hopefully through some beneficial trades.

    The way I see it, the draft has been good for us in the last 5 years. I don't know about you, but I'm happy with Mayo (2008 #1) the NFL's Defensive MVP. How often do you draft one of those?

    I think last year was a bumper crop. Five of them are seeing good time already. Not happy with Vollmer, Pryor, Butler, Edelman and Chung? McKenzie and Tate (who else?) made the team. Lots of teams got good receivers last year...maybe Tate is ours.

    2008 brought starters Mayo and Wilhite along with Slater, Wheatly and Crable, whom the team believes in.

    2007: starter Meriweather, Mike Richardson (isn't he still playing?)

    2006:  Maroney & Jackson: OK, bad news. But do you want to trade away our fourth round pick: Goskowski? He has more leg than Vinitieri and I'm sure he'll win games for us. We also drafted important sub O'Callahan & now starter Le kevin Smith.

    2005:  Mankins, Hobbs, Kaczur, Sanders and Cassel in the 7th.

    2004:  Wilfork, Watson, Marquis Hill, Dexter Reid

    Please stop complaining about the draft. I think the Pats will reload nicely through trades and the draft (Go Raiders!). I predict 2010 brings 40% skill and 60% beef.

    Any trade defenders? Who do we absolutely need through the draft, not trades? 

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    Re: Draft not to blame

    One other thing.  It's easier to make a poor team than a good one.  Less spots open on a good team.  When folks complain they always use the number of draftees kept.  The main reason why this is wrong it would make a team like Oakland the best drafting team in the league.

    Plus the draft is a crap-shoot.  Look at all the first round busts there are every year!  You can watch video, interview them, have their combine numbers and still end up with a bust.

    A last item that forced a lot of changes.  Defenses are being neutered.  Defensive schemes are changing all the time.  When we won SBs we had an aggressive, hard hitting defense.  After Polian got done and now with the Brady rule things kinda stink right now for defenses.

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    Re: Draft not to blame

    2007 may have been the best draft with Welker in the late 2nd and Moss in the 4th round.  Trades do count. 

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    Re: Draft not to blame

    It's about acquiring players that function well with the team. The Oscar Lua's and Mike Richardson's of the world end up as nickel and dime players or subs for inferior teams because the Patriots have had depth at LB and DB in the past. Is Randall Gay still on the New Orleans rooster? I meant roster. I'd take Bodden over him and Gay signed a bigger deal per year than Bodden. Darius Butler has been good value as well.