After breaking down the picks and taking a look at their profiles across a few different sites it seems that the common denominator with all these picks is their above average work ethic / football smarts.

Clearly these are NOT workout warriors but it certainly appears that BB is trying to REESTABLISH some leaders in the locker room and on the field. 
McCourty - from what I heard on WEEI and know of BB's Rutgers connection with his son he sat down with this kid and broke down tape.  McCourty clearly impressed.

Gronk - missed the entire 2009 season but clearly didn't rest on his laurels and worked back up from a severe injury to getting medically cleared to pick up where he left off as a #1/2 TE in the country.

Spikes - from nfldraftcountdown - Very high football IQ --- Team Leader --- Durable --- A Great  Work  Ethic --- Has a ton of experience against elite competition.  As an ILB he isn't expected to be everywhere to be in the right place at the right time but to be and assist Mayo as a defensive leader.

Price - per cbssportsline - vastly underrated - Unselfish player. No major character issues. Quiet on the field, lets his play do the talking.

- not exactly sure about him or how he fits in to be honest with the exception that there's chemistry between himself and Spikes...  another "team building" concept.

This is just food for thought.  It's clear that of all these guys only Spikes made it to a few Pats draft boards.  So maybe it's BB on the hot seat. 

Going forward in the draft I expect for BB to reach for a few players and see if he can possibly hit with a "workout warrior" type. 

It seems BB went far out of his way, almost to a fault, to bring in HIGH CHARACTER / HIGH FOOTBALL IQ Personnel.  It's clear we lost quite a bit with the loss of the Vrabels / Bruschis / and Seymours more as leaders than contributors.

We won those Super Bowls when those guys peaked as Leaders and Performers.  Let's hope BB can recreate the same magic?!?!?!?

And again, the Jets are one bad hair day away from nuclear meltdown in that locker room.  Should be an interesting season...