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Draft Picks

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    Draft Picks

    Now that the season is over for Tenn and Jack, it now looks like we will be getting the 42nd/43rd (Jack) and 48th/49th (Tenn) overall selection in this year's draft.

    A coin flip will decide the exact position next month.  It's too bad the Tenn won yesterday because we slipped as many as 7 spots.
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    Re: Draft Picks

    doesnt matter... Belichick will trade them for a ham and cheese.
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    Re: Draft Picks

    We only got these picks because BB traded for "ham and cheese" last year, remember that?

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    Re: Draft Picks

    I bet that BB moves up about 6 spots in the First Round to select a player he wants.  I can almost guarantee it.  Something like #26 and #42 for #19. 

    There's no way he keeps all three of the 2nd rounders.
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    Re: Draft Picks

    I expect this draft will be handled much differently then ones in the past.  Financial considerations are going to be the top issue this year for the smart teams.  I think the Pats will likely move up in round one to get the elite player they will covet and then likely play passive maybe even trading a bunch of the rest of their picks for 2011 and beyond. With the number of top underclassmen declaring likely higher then ever before this draft might be the deepest ever for all positions. Because of this I expect the Patriots to stand pat (no pun intended) with the remainder of their picks either drafting where they are or trading for future picks.
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    Re: Draft Picks

    I agree with Blade, look at some of the contracts we have up this year including Bodden.  In an uncapped year you can only sign a freeagent if you loss one.  The Pats will be able to get some guys this year but only because they are not going to be able to sign everyone.

    This offseason will be different but we still have some football to go.
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    Re: Draft Picks

    2 POINTS

     1) Per NFL Rules - When 3 or more teams are tied in record , their Draft order is adjusted in each round .
     Example :
     Team A picks ahead of Teams B, and C in round 1 , then Team B moves up in Round 2 and picks ahead while Team A moves back behind Team C ( who will pick ahead of the other two in round 3 and so , and so on )

     So we actaully want Jax and Tenn to LOSE their respective coin flips .
    ( So they pick further back in round 1 but move up a notch in round II )

    2) BB should abdicate his first couple 2nd round picks and allow the Foxborro Head Janitor to make the selections for him . 
    Over the last 5 years ~His second round picks have consistantly been Un-Noteworthy at best and major Busts at worse .
     Chad Jackson -Maquis Hill (RIP) Terrence Wheatley - and now Chung ( Instead of Matthews . Malaluga ) Butler (Instead of rookie Pro Bowler Darius Byrd ?) and useless Ron Brace ( instead of ...ANYBODY )
      Credit where Credit is due : Volmer was a GREAT choice ( but the chances of him being there in the 3rd round was very high ...according to all the College experts ... so even that pick comes with a question mark.

    ( In 2007 BB traded our 2nd for a guy named WELKER )

     BB excels at Horse trading and knows how to play the other GM's
    ( Thats why we've got the two extra 2010 2nd rounders coming to us in what is suppose to be a once -in-a -lifetime where there should be 1st round talent thu-out the entire 2nd round )

    Nobody is a perfect drafter ...but BBs 2nd round track record over the last half of the decade isn't good.

      I wouldnt be shocked ...or disappointed ...if BB ends up packaging a 2010 second to a bad team ( with desperate to win NOW type GM ) and snags a 2011 early First rounder ( when rookie cap will most probably be in place )