Draft, Receivers, etccc

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    Draft, Receivers, etccc

    I think N.E. will trade down to the tenth spot and pick cj spiller at ten letting jacksonville pick tebow at 22. for our second round picks we will trade one of them for a wideout either hopefully bolden or marshal although i think denver would want a first and a third for marshal but we do have an extra 1st next year from the seymour trade so why not. and then with the other two picks draft an outside linebacker and defensive end. take a 5th round corner and offensive lineman with the rest of the pics. we will get awarded either a third or a fourth copensatory pick for that purpose.

    also be aware of a possible trade for julius peppers or jason taylor
    i also wouldnt be surprised if joey porter landed in N.E. we do like those aging linebackers

    as for corners i think wilhite and butler will step up and player a bigger role, we will keep bodden, possible draft a late one or pick up a veteran

    We should trade maroney , drop fred taylor injury prone and aging, give benjarvus green-ellis more of a role and keep morris and faulk
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    Re: Draft, Receivers, etccc

    what are you giving up to Jacksonville to swap picks? Our first 2nd and our 4th?

    Marshall could not coexist with a coach cut from the same cloth as BB so what makes you think he would be a good boy here? Especially since we no longer have that rock solid veteran locker room anymore.

    Boldin is always hurt. ...and do you know for sure he can get the system? Just because he is a veteran and performed well in another organization and system does not mean he can get the patriots system. We've seen them trade for or sign veterans before and they come here and do NOT get it.

    Why exactly do you want to trade Maroney? He's your starting tailback and is one of only 2 RB's that have any youth. The ONLY starter with any youth. What exactly are you trading him for?

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    Re: Draft, Receivers, etccc

    Joey Porter would rather have his balls ripped off and be forced to eat them than play in New England
    not gonna happen
    everyone here hates him for his loud mouth and back in his days in Pittsburg. NO WAY Porter ends up here, 0%