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    I think we need better Pass rush on the outside, so yes, move Vrabel inside
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    Thank you so much for the compliment. We have been up for only 3 weeks so compliments like yours and new people signing up to BuzzCal is what I am hoping for. I am a Sport's fanatic and the site helps me to keep up with UMASS Amherst BB, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, and we have just added the Red Sox 2009 Spring Training schedules. Please feel free to make any suggestions at my blog.


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    Vrabel's 10yrd up field looping pass rush the last two years has been hard to watch. good impact spot.Maybe one of the kids or a rookie takes over for him. I'm still interested in Crable.
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    From what I've read Sintim isn't the fastest guy or the best in space. I'd rather take a gamble on Maybin, who is adding weight and is lightning quick. Maybe we'll learn more at the combine.
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    No problem BuzzCal and I will if anything comes up.

    Chris Johnson had one of the sickest highlight reels on YouTube coming out of college. He was projected as a 2nd round pick and well we know he went in round 1 to the Titans. One knock on him that I remember reading was he had neck problems in college, but it looks like he's past that now. I would of loved seeing him in a Pats uniform, oh well!

    If Vontae Davis is still on the board at #23 do the take him or pass on him?

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    I'm sorry you had a tough time watching Vrabel accumulate 12.5 sacks in 2007 and make the All-Pro team. Yes, he had a down year rushing the passer in 2008, but he played all year with a pretty substantial shoulder injury, and should bounce back to produce more sacks in 2009.
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    Alot of those came in the Skins game or late on come back attempts.

    You recall the Skins/Pats score pyegian?

    Not saying he can't still play. Just not as effective at rushing. Hard to wacth from a stand point that age and injury is not his friend.I thought we were talking draft. Not defend your guy.
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    I think people need to hold the phone. I think Vrabel is better inside at this stage. But the point is that someone would have to take the job from him.
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    heres how i think it should go

    Round 1 #22 (from MIN) Rey Maualuga (ILB) USC or Aaron Curry (OLB)Wake Forest or Terrence Cody(DT) Alabama if maualuga and curry have been taken

    Round 1 #23 (pats pick) ) Vontae Davis (CB)- Illinois or Alphonso Smith(CB) wake forest

    Round 2 #47 (from SD) Pettigrew (TE) Oklahoma state or James Casey (TE) Rice (hopefully pettigrew will fall if not take casey)

    Round 2 #56 (pats pick) Trade for Ocho cinco (WR) Cincinnati or Max Unger (C) oregon
    Round 3 #86 (from MIN) Zack Follett (ILB) –California

    Round 3 #91 (pats pick) Curtis Taylor, FS, LSU or Kam Chancellor (FS) Virginia Tech

    Round 3 #97 (comp pick for Samuel) connor barwin (DE) Cincinnati

    Round 4 #120 (pats pick) Trade for Ocho cinco or pick Dominique Johnson (CB) Jackson state

    Round 5 #151 (pats pick) Brandon Tate (WR) North Carolina

    Round 5 (comp pick for gay) Pat White (QB) West Virginia

    Round 6 #186 (pats pick) Kevin Huber (P) Cincinnati

    Round 7 #216 (pats pick) Best CB available

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    I agree with kyle, vrabel is good on the inside but do you really want Pierre Woods starting on the outside, i know i dont. We need a big ILB, a sam type in the 4-3, basically there for taking on guard, vrabel can do that the entire season, it hurts he back to much. I don't know to much about college backers so I cant help out with names, i dont think Lauranitis is the answer, for those of you that thought he might be an option, he looks to be a slower, although a bit tougher, version of mayo (the weak side inside linbacker).

    My other question is why the hell do people keep throwing out ocho cinco or what ever the hell he is called name out there, i know gaffney wasnt the greatest this year, but i would rather fill that position with the draft. A low round pick, either that or the pats use faulk more like a reciver. (another option is going to a more conventional 2 reciver I set, but that is unlikely)
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    That is my point. After SS and OLB is the most complex position on the field. Vrabel has to decide who to cover, spots screens, and set blitzes up for his teamates. It isn't a job you want a rookie doing, let alone someone like Woods who can blitz well, but is a bigtime liability in coverage.

    The only reason Vrabel makes sense inside is because he is a power rusher, and if you can shed a 330 lb RT you can shed a 305 lb guard all day. But he would need to be forced inside by someone who is as good cover guy and a better pass rusher, or vice versa. I know Woods isn't that guy, and Crable has zero games experience, so there is no way to tell.

    People aren't throwing out Ocho. NAte just keeps dropping the same fantasy draft that is waaaay too optimistic. Curry and Maualuga are both loong gone before #22. There is a low likelihood that New Englans has that pick anyhow. Vontae Davis is long gone before #23. And Pettigrew is gone before #23,let alone the second round.

    Aaron Curry is the only pick there that is feasible. And I don't think NE can afford Ocho anyhow.
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    I wouldn't be against NE going to a more conventional offense,the problem is they would need a big time running back and TE to even start that. Second, it poses huge problems because Welker will lose a lot of matchups against the sidelines based purely on height, which is an advantage in the middle.

    That is why Harvin is an interesting selection because if he can learn to chip he could be lethal in single back setups.
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    sorry that got started here everyone. Forgotten
    Back to draft talk.
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    Finally read your post on the Super Bowl and AFCCG defeats. Thanks. Didn't want to reply there because it's time for the Underdogg-TexasPat shouting match to take a break.

    I really think Vrabel is better outside. There were reports he had serious back pain at the end of 2006, and I would think it has something to do from taking on guards straight up. I've always thought guards are a little bigger than tackles, but I would think ILB is a little more exposed to an oncoming guard than OLB is to a tackle in the 3-4, since our DEs tend to line up across from the tackles, running to the side doesn't carry as much force, and they run to your side less than they run up the middle. So I say keep Vrable outside.

    It seems we need an OLB or two who can cover and do all the other amazing things OLBs are required to do in this system. Anyone in the draft who can do that?
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    I don't say anything about where Vrabel should go because I am not a coach. But before he moved inside you would need a player who can backpedal, read, react and rush. It is the hardest spot to fill, that is why NE has paid large twice for Colvin and Thomas just for that spot.

    Vrabel has back problems period. IIRC he has had them since Ohio. I find it difficult to beleive it is connected in any to playing inside, as he had back problems this year and last year.

    I know he loves playing outside against tackles and RBs, but who wouldn't? SAM is the highest profile spot in this defense, in most others it is RUSH just because they get the most sack opportunities.

    DE's don't always line up over the tackles in this setup. It is relatively rare (33%) that they line up straight up that way, they usually shift over or under to create a 4-3-ish look where the OLB is standing. The beauty of the 3-4 is that you can disguise which backer comes to the line before the play, but most often you have one backer helping.

    Here is a typical engagement against a tackle.

    As an offense, you want a tackle on an OLB whenever possible because there aren't many if any TE's who can really defend a OLB.

    Nevertheless, the OLB's will see contact with pulling guards and tackles a lot more than an ILB will see a guard at the second level in any defense.

    Also, Tackles are almost always (95%) bigger than Guards. The modern NFL (since the 49ers) has seen a priority for guards who can pull to the outside. Some teams who don't do this maintain heavy guards, but they still will have heavier tackles on the right side.

    This is Kaczur in NE the biggest and worst lineman who is the best straight forward run blocker.

    The largest offensive lineman is almost always the Right Tackle who is the run side tackle in most formations. That is the man that Vrabel would rush against. It is a favorable matchup for Vrabel becuase he isn't the fastest OLB out there and usually relies on technique to make his sacks, and the RT is the worse technical tackle always.

    The light tackle is the left tackle, because most speed rushers line up on the weak side to take the QB's blind side, so you want someone athletic who can match up against someone like Freeney.

    As far as Vrabel being better outside, I disagree at this point. He looked slow this season. Tony Mazz and Reiss both weighed in on this too, noting that he is better inside. The problem is that someone needs to beat him out for the OLB spot. Maybe next season. The other problem is that he likes outside more.

    Maybe his sluggishness this season wasn't a rule but was an exception,but at 34 years old that is doubtful. Players don't play at their top forever, and I can't think of too many OLBs that were good into their mid 30's.

    No there really aren't any OLB type backers (IMO) that show much more promise than what NE already has. Not at #23.

    Also, there isn't a single OLB in the draft that is great in coverage. it just doesn't happen that way. Even if they land a full time job as a rookie it takes a few seasons to develop that ability. Look at Gholston last season. Look at Harrison DPOY, he took seasons to develop into what he is now and was a walk on after being cut a bunch of times.

    Maybe Cushing but I am not sold. He has a roid physique and a history of injury and was the third best linebacker on a very dominant defense. On the plusside heis smart. On the minus side, he is slower than Crable and probably not as strong, altough the combine will show that. And he isn't as powerful or fast as Adalius Thomas either.

    There are handful of small DE's who could convert, but I wouldn't expect that to be a quick process.

    Some think Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech is key, but I am not sold on him as first round talent. I would take him where NE took Crable or Wheatley last season, but not in the first.

    If someone like Everett doesn't drop(and maybe if he does) the best bet is to let Vrabel play it out and wait for the young guys like Crable to develop in a heavy rotation with Vrabel, Thomas and Crable.

    Also, I wouldn't overlook the possibility that Jason Taylor gets released by Washington and NE takes a crack at him to make a four man rotation. He palyed DE/OLB hybrid for years and could stand all day long if last season was an abberation and not the beginning of a decline. He has been a player BB has coveted for a long time for an OLB, but was always off limits because of the divisional rivalryand his incredible woth to Miami.

    He is going to be cut by Washington, and the only question is if he and BB finally tie the knot, or if he comes back to Washington at reduced pay, or if he straight-up retires because of his compartmental syndrome scare last season.

    If the price is right and he is healthy he could be a lethal 10+ sack force. If he is still affected, he could be a part time rusher and a great veteran for our younger OLBs to learn from. If he is done, he is done and goes to the HOF with 120 sacks.
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    If Vrabel is too old to drop back in coverage, there are no 3-4 OLB prospects in the draft, and Jason Taylor is the best free agent who could fill the position, is our D screwed this year? I don't think AD looks very good in man coverage.
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    There has plenty of talk about spots that need improvement but what area do you feel needs to be fixed first or out of the seen needs what should be drafted at that 23 spot?

    The list of problems as I see them.
    1 - No pass rush.
    2 - Lack of pass coverage.
    3 - TE depth
    4 - OT or G. Light seems to be losing it. Backup in general for the OL.
    5 - Backup WR

    Who would you draft and why?

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    Vrabel was never good at man coverage. He is 260 lbs, Therearen't amny players of that weight that can cover. His coverage isn't the issue. It is his edge rushing.

    2005 NWE 16 108 73 35 5 4.5 1 0 2 23 1
    2006 NWE 16 89 54 35 4 4.5 3 0 3 0 0
    2007 NWE 16 77 55 22 0 12.5 5 0 0 0 0
    2008 NWE 16 62 40 22 4 4.0 1 0 1 5 0

    Here are his last four seasons. 2005 he was inside because Johnson retired. 2006 he was outside until Seau was hurt and he went inside. 2005 to 2007 are his three best seasons. This season he palyed outside all year and had just four sacks. And only had one pick, but that is alright for outside.

    Four sacks doesn't cut it. Pierre Woods or Crable would probably get more than that themselves, but Woods doesn't recognize when to rush and when to call it off. We will see more with Crable later on, although he looked worlds better than Woods ever did in the short time before his shin was hurt with two Passes broken and one INT along with 2.5 sacks.

    There is a great deal of intellectual independence there. I doubt any rookie could come in and knock Vrabel off right away. Watch Bruschi's video breaking down assingments,it is on youtube, he talks about when the LB has to call off his own blitz because he reads hot route or cross over his spot.

    Any rook who could do that would be top-ten talent (Ware, Merriman) and would be there mostly because they were too dominant to leave out.

    Second, the linebackers from the outside don't need to be good in man coverage, they just need to cover a zone usually. That involves a backpedal from the line, and quickness to react. There are very few who can man cover. Adalius is a better man cover guy than Vrabel. But even his isn't elite for anOLB. The elite is Julian Peterson, but talent like that is rare. If 240 lb linebackers could cover TEs man on, people would be making them into 240 lb safeties. 260 lb linebackers cannot cover receiving TEs or people would be making them receiving TEs who have the build of blocking TE's.

    Jason Taylor isn't the best. Suggs is,but he won't be here. I am thouroughly convinced that Dansby could play any spot on the LB corps, but he won't be here either. But if JT were healthy he would provide a pass rusher that NE hasn't had since Tippet left. Someone that is truly dominant.

    Last, our "d" was bad enough last season, I don't see how it gets dramatically worse. They were 11th overall, and adjusted for strength of offensive schedule they were ranked 20th by Football Outsiders (27th against the pass and 10th against the run). Their team rankings are really spot on because they account for the level of competition the team played.

    No rookie we are getting our hands on will replace Vrabel next season. Nor will he fix those problems. The defense last season was middle of the pack in INTs, completion percent, sacks,and bottom of the pack in passing TDs, big plays and third down. One rookie won't fix that at OLB.

    And there is always the possibility that it was a down season for Vrabel and he bounces back, but just like with Bruschi and Rodney father time comes calling for all the greats eventually.

    The defense needs all sorts of help. It will take two bonafide playmakers to return this to where it was. They need to replace Samuel/Law and replace the sack output from Colvin and an aging Vrabel, and replace the SS play of Harrison. They also need to replace the ability of Ted Johnson/Vrabel inside. Not from what they were last season, but from what they were a few seasons ago when it was a championship caliber squad.

    Look at the Steelers' defense. That is what NE needs. Two great safeties. I think Meriweather can be a lot like Troy, but they need a heavy hitter like Clark or what Rodney was for NE. Sanders is a FA and backup material. They need a linebacker like Harrison. Maybe they can stick it out for another season, but I expect a rotation to include Crable next season and possibly anyone else they bring on board this offseason via draft or FA. ILB is a problem. Bruschi will be back, but isn't a four down LB at this stage. Guyton might be the guy, but time will tell. With one 245 pound ILB, I would prefer that the other be something closer to 260. I like how the steelers setit up outside: Harrison 240, Woodley 260 -- one speed and one power rusher.

    But I would prefer not to carry two 240 lb inside backers like Foote and Farrior.

    They need another corner. If Wheatley can be healthy he could be that guy, but it is a big if.

    So three young "IFs"

    Wheatley -- wrist/learning curve
    Crable -- learning curve
    Guyton -- learning curve/player makeup as MIKE

    And one old "IFs"

    Vrable -- bounce back or decline?

    That singles out safety aside Meriweather. Bring back Sanders? I don't know. They let Wilson go who was better than Sanders in spades. If anyone offers Sanders anything substantial they let him go. It might be for the better because he isn't getting any better.

    The defense just needs to keep getting younger and more talented. Last year was a start. This year will be a continuance. The weakness is 07 was the Seau/Bruschi rotation. The weakness last season was the loss of Samuel, the decline of Vrabel, and the spot next to Mayo as Bruschi and Seau are even older now. And Sanders was exposed without a pass rush or good corner in front of him.

    In the draft there are a number of players that could substantially improve this defense over the long haul. We traditionally leave out trade talk in the draft thread because it becomes very complcated, at least early on, and adds a problematic dimension to the debate. So minus any trade outs, ups, or whatever Cassel may or may not bring, NE has four first day picks, and three in the first two rounds.

    I expected 1 CB, 2 LB, and 1 OL last seaon in the first four picks. They traded my OL pick for this year's second. This year I expect 1CB/S, 1LB and 1 OL and one skill position on day one before trades. I also expect NE to add one free agent CB veteran in case none of the rookies or second year kids are good enough next season. BB always has a safety plan in place. Last year it was O'neal and it didn't work, so I wouldn't be suprised to see them work up the food chain this time around.

    You asked about defense, here are the guys people here are kicking around and my thoughts on them.

    People they won't be able to get:

    Maualuga ILB 6'2" 260 (top fifteen) -- Real heavy hitter, will be off the board. Really is ideal for this defense from a standpoint of ILB needs. People compare him to a young Seau. I agree. You would ike him.

    Everett Brown 6'4" 254 (top twenty) DE/OLB -- Would stand up here, but doesn't have a tremendous amount of experience doing so. Is the kind of athlete who could. Was a flithy pass rusher. Is really the cream of the crop right now, but we will see after the combine.

    Mike Jenkins 6'0" 200 CB (top ten) -- Is a rare talent. Top-ten selection. Might have been a Patriot if he came out last season. Has the potential to be a true lock down ace corner and game changer.

    Jenkins or Maualuga would be day one starters like Mayo was this season. Like him they would be the most talented player at their position instantly. Neither will be here unless NE trades way up.

    Guys that are more reaistic:

    Michael Johnson 6'7" 258 2nd -- Speed DE/OLB like a young Colvin or Crable so I don't see the point unless they love him, and won't be in the starting lineup as a rookie but would likely be a thrid down/rotational kid while he learns the ropes.People fall in love with his height/speed ratio. Taller players are coming "in" at DE and OLB because their sheer wingspan makes them more disruptive and their legs give them more top end speed, and if coached well can leverage their weight better than a shorter player. I still think he is on the bubble because he is so raw. And I am not usually swayed by attributes like height if the player is inferior.

    Cushing OLB 1st 6'3" 245 -- Is a jack of all. Is safe-ish because as a fallback could play WILL. Roid and injury freak. If he displays better measurables he could catch on. I think he would need to getsomething like Crable's 4.6 40 yd dash and 29 reps to be a serious consideration.

    Clint Sintim OLB 2nd 6'3" 245 -- Is not close to as fast as what we have now from last year's draft in Guyton and Crable. But played 3-4 OLB in college and is smart. Also would need to show great measurables. Could be there in the second.

    Vontae Davis CB 1st 6'0" 204 -- won't be available, and not sure I care. Big Ten talent is overrated. But one thing to like is that he is fast and physical.

    D.J. Moore CB 1st 5'10" 185 -- decent size, but thin. Great coverage. Great playmaker. I am always impressed when someone can stand out on an SEC team on defense.

    Alphonso Smith CB 1st 5'9" 195 -- Knocked because he is only 5'9" but it is the best playmaker in the DB draft. Had something sick like 22 career INTs, and essentially runs receiver's routes for them.

    Louis Delmas FS 2nd 5'11" 197 -- Good intangibles, but played at a very small school. Was really impressive in the Senior Bowl. Plays from the high point, and like Meriweather is 197, so is really too small to be a full time SS. I would really say that he is too much of a Meriweather clone to bring on.

    Pat Chung SS 2nd 5'11" 210-- Really impressive in the Senior Bowl. Hyper aggresive, nose for the ball. Is also knocked for being a little small from the low point, at 5'11" 210. But I would take talent and agression over ten pounds.

    Larry English OLB/DE 1st/2nd -- 6'3" 254. Looks that part. Has good bulk for his height, but is a hair short for the ideal size. He is from a real small program, but has been dominant there. Great instincts and great first move. Is jumping up boards after breezing past tackles in the Senior Bowl practices. Needs to stick the combine at 4.6 or better and needs at least 28 reps to maintain his rising status.

    Aaron Maybin 6'4" 236-243 1st/2nd DE/OLB -- He is a sophomore with one great season. Really raw. Is very light to play DE, so I generally assume no one but 3-4 teams will take him seriously. IS supposedly lightning fast. I don't care about weight issues as much as maturity issues. BB won't take another sophomore, not after Chad Jackson. Oh, and he is big ten.

    James Laurinaitis ILB 6'3" 240 1st-ish
    -- I have watched a lot of this kid. Is really smart, aggresive, etc. Isn't the elite athlete IMO, that some think he is. Avoids trash as opposed to getting in it, and this is a big no-no for 3-4 ILBs who sometimes can't avoid it. Is a cold comfort for the team that wanted Maualuga. On a side note, his dad was "Animal" from the WWF tag team "Legion of Doom." Big Ten.
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    I agree. I would add backfield tackling to the list too. The back eight are really a group of average tacklers.

    I think the TE depth is behind OL depth.

    They address

    1.) coverage
    2.) pass rush
    3.) OL

    based on the talent available when they pick.

    e.g., BPA that fits one of the three needs.

    I would draft the best player available for that fit. I would think that Alphonso Smith might indeed be the BPA, but am eagerly waiting for Larry English's combine results. I think he needs to show a better timed speed to be there to be in the 1st. Maybe he can go wokr out with the speed training camp. His top end is in the mid 4.6 to 4.7 range. A high 4.5 to mid 4.6 makes him first round all the way.

    BTW, enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ad0Famkaas
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    I think I like Maybin slightly more than English. More upside, being 2 years younger (English is a 5th year senior), faster, and probably better in coverage. Less injuries also. But English seems to have a nice variety of moves and the ability to power rush. I wonder if he could move inside...

    Cushing being able to play inside is a big plus for him.

    Having that extra 2nd rounder in the middle of the round is huge. A good CB or LB will be available at that spot.

    Have you heard of this guy? http://www.draftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/cb/Coye-Francies.php

    I guess he had a great Senior Bowl and might even be the third best CB in the draft. Wouldn't mind seeing him in the second round if we still needed a CB.
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    Whats all the talk about jasper brinkley hes on almost every ones draft talk whats he got going for him that i dont know ?
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    Quote Z
    The defense needs all sorts of help. It will take two bonafide playmakers to return this to where it was. They need to replace Samuel/Law and replace the sack output from Colvin and an aging Vrabel, and replace the SS play of Harrison. They also need to replace the ability of Ted Johnson/Vrabel inside. Not from what they were last season, but from what they were a few seasons ago when it was a championship caliber squad.

    Good posting Z.
    Hope I haven’t put you on the spot with all the Vrabel talk

    Let’s see how close we can come Z.
    1: Matt take’s less per year on longer contract that would give us room to play. What would Asomugha play for? Maybe the money we offered Samuel at 6 or 7 mil. (half the Matt tag money) That gives us Matt and Asomugha maybe at the same $$$. Then trade our 1st and 3rd to move up in the 1st and take Maualuga. Saints give a 3rd and took and a 5th from us to move up from 10th to 7th last year (not sure about the points). I think that would move us up enough. That way we still keep a 3rd with our comp pick (Samuel). As well as two 2nd round picks to find our Safety to replace Sanders and maybe an OLB or go offense with OL, TE or WR.

    OR 2: We let Matt C. walk and just take what the comp pick allows next year. Would be 3rd or 4th ? If Matt C. walks we could go back to #1: and would have money to give another FA or lock up one of the guys we need to now. Letting Matt walk isn’t sounding to bad but risky.

    Just off the wall gibberish. What do you guys think?

    I still think Meriweather just needs some lbs to play with that shoulder. e.g.; new Rodney

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