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    ZB, Nice post and very inforamitive.

    Here's some old news on Jason Taylor.

    Jason Taylor-DL- Redskins
    Jan. 27 - 2:34 pm et

    The Redskins are expected to approach Jason Taylor about returning in 2009 at a reduced salary.

    Taylor isn't worth his $8 million salary. He admitted as much late last season, so perhaps Taylor would be open to the pay cut with some convincing. For now, however, the writing on the wall says he'll be a cap casualty.

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    What happened to this thread?
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    What about taking Pat Chung in the first round? Seems like an important spot to fill and he seems like a perfect fit with his size and aggressiveness. I think he's listed at 6'0" 205 lbs., but I'm sure he could easily add 10 lbs to his frame and end up almost exactly the same size as Harrison.

    His tackling, from the highlights I watched, seems rock solid...and his hands seem good too...I'd be interested to see what he can run in the 40, but I'm sure he can run better than Rodney at this point and is a much better tackler than Sanders...and as has been mentioned we NEED tackling badly in the back 8. Also, there don't seem to be too many high quality safeties in this draft.

    It seems like we could get a CB like Vic Harris or a handful of others in the second round and there doesn't seem to be an LB that is a true fit for our system beyond Maualuga, who's a goner before we pick. We've all agreed that moving up is something the Pats rarely do...and we all know that Belichick isn't afraid to 'reach' if there's a player he really likes.

    Why take Maybin @ #23 unless you know he's a guaranteed STUD? But questions of position change, youth etc. have already been raised.

    If we ended up with Pat Chung, Vic Harris or the CB from UCONN or DJ Moore and a stud TE with our first 3 picks I think we'd be in good shape to start next year.

    The rest of the draft (most likely 2 3rd round picks) could be used to add OLine talent, a WR and or RB and an offensive coordinator...lol. If we end up trading Cassel, BB might just invest that in next year's draft picks...but who knows. That's what I'm thinking today...lata.
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    how about brian cushing