My wish is that our first pick is cameron jordan, but i'm not sure he even makes it to 17. If he is gone than I think the next D Lineman we should get is Muhammad Wilkerson from Temple. Not sure where he is projected to go, But this guy has everything you'd want in a DE. So 17 will be OL or OLB if Jordan is gone, and sure up DL with Wilkerson in 2nd rd. OLB is another interesting position to look at. I see alot of people want Kerrigan or Houston in the 1st rd. Both of those guys would be good picks, But i would like to see us somehow get Robert Quinn. Hopefully he drops in the draft because of the taking money from agent and getting suspended. A whole year out of football is a long time, but his upside is way to high to not give him a try. He is a monster pass rush specialist that our defense is missing. He played DE in a 43 at UNC, but I think he can become a good OLB in our 34. At 6'5'' 265, He has the height and length that Belichick likes. Some say he is to big for OLB, but thats how big Willie Mcginest was. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but what would you like for a pats to do?