Drafting ILB's

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    Drafting ILB's

    I find it curious about how BB like his LB's.  The outside guys are bigger than the inside guys.  I thought it was always the other way around until a few years ago.  All of our ILBs are 6'1" (give or take an inch) and 240lbs.  

    Spikes is 6'3" 260 and I seriously doubt that BB will go after anyone with those measurables.  It seems like these guys might be targeted more.

    4.Sean LeePenn State6-22364.75
      5.Pat AngererIowa6-12354.50
      6.Jamar ChaneyMississippi State6-12404.60
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    Re: Drafting ILB's

    True, but he also had guys like Ted Johnson and Pepper Johnson who are big. In the end he probably would prefer guys on the bigger side to take on guards, but they obviously have to have the speed too.
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    Re: Drafting ILB's

    As far as OLB's, none of the guys in this class have the measurables that BB likes besides Kindle, who lists at 6'4" 255.  He might have to put on a few pounds but could be a target in the 1st.

    There are however, many DE's in this year's draft who could be converted to OLB in the 3-4.  Here are a few with the right measuables-

      2.Jason Pierre-PaulSouth Florida6-62604.65
      3.Carlos DunlapFlorida6-62904.80
      4.Greg HardyOle Miss6-52754.60
      5.Everson GriffenSouthern Cal6-32654.75
      6.Ricky SappClemson6-52404.60
      7.Corey WoottonNorthwestern6-72804.80
      8.Brandon GrahamMichigan6-22634.75
      9.Jerry HughesTexas Christian6-32574.75

    JPP and Dunlap might be taken by the time we pick at 22.  Hardy seems to be the exact size BB likes as well as Hughes and Griffen.  Sapp is too light, Wooten may be too tall, and Graham might be an inch or too short.

    If I had to guess, it's Hardy in Round 1.   Excellent size and speed.

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    Re: Drafting ILB's

    to me the 2004 LB corps was the best that ne had, and they were on the big side. the ILBs then were between 245 and 255. the OLBs were between 260 and 270. imo, they were never the same when the group got lighter. this is the reason i have a strong bias against smaller LBs.

    given, mayo weighs in the low 240s, i think they need they need someone between 250 and 255 next to him (yeah, yeah, yeah, there skills and that, that's a given). spikes is really appealing to me (i am assuming mcclaiin will be gone early).

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    Re: Drafting ILB's

    Ive been screaming about the need for another quality ILB for the last two years. Its a huge hole in this D and Mayo needs someone just as good as himself to be effective. Im still not sure about him, he has all the talent in the world, but dont know if hes our "Lewis/Willis"? I really like Spikes, but think we should go after a Ryans, Rudd, Jackson if we're seriously looking at an upgrade on that position. And I always have like/prefered bigger ILB's, I mean todays RB's are 220-230lb's. Im glad someone else is thinking about this position, it was a big reason why our D lacked so much. Teams made no secret of the fact that they were going to run at Sey's side, without a guy like Sey we're going to need a huge upgrade at ILB to help control the running game. Ive seen tons of mocks out there and seen Spikes going anywhere from 18-28 and even falling into the early second round. I really like this kid and think he could be a very good player for many years to come.
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    Re: Drafting ILB's

    Maybe you're right, maybe they do need a thumper in the middle.  The biggest ILB they've got is Seau at 6'3" 260 and he had a pretty good career.

    Would you pick up Spikes at 22?