Since 2003, it has been hit or miss for Coach BB when it comes to Wide Receivers in the draft and Coach BB has missed more than hit. Bethel Johnson, "the worst wide receiver" of them all didn't work at all and could have drafted Anquan Boldin who went in the 2nd Rd. Anquan was taken 9 picks after Bethel Johnson. 2006, Coach BB trades picks with the Packers to move up take Chad "absolute bust" Jackson and the Packers took Greg Jennings. Coach could have drafted Miles Austin as well. If Coach could go back in time, he would have chosen one of those two instead. 2007, could have drafted Steve Breaston because that entire 2007 Draft Class was a waist. 2008, Pierre Garcon could have been drafted because outside of Jerod Mayo and Matthew Slater, the rest was garbage. In 2009, available was Hakeen Nicks, Percy Harvin, Mohamed Massaquoi, Mike Wallace, Louis Murphy, etc. and Coach took Brandon Tate and we all know how that worked out. I thought Coach BB would have drafted Louis Murphy seeing that he is so close to the University of Florida. In 2010, Dez Bryant (though that was unlikely to happen) Riley Cooper, Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, etc., but we took Taylor Price. In Taylor Price's defense, the whole NCAA rule where he had to wait for his entire class to graduate put him in a tough spot that he could never get out of and it was unfortunate for price. This is no attack on Coach BB drafting because I would never question that, its just about the Wide Receiver position because ever since Deion Branch & David Givens, it has been nothing but misses since 2003. I know everyone will say that the Pats offense has been tops either way, but that is mostly due to the dynamic duo of "Gronk" and Hernandez and Wes. Also, we have seen when a good defense zone the middle to take them away and force Tom to throw to the outside and deep, you see where their Kryptonite lays. I know i'm going to get bashed for this post or get sarcastic reponses for it, but say what you have to say.