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    Re: D.R.O.Y.

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    Suh will win. Suh has basically lived up to expectations. McCourty has surpassed expectations, but many felt that Suh was the most NFL-ready impact player and essentially, he is. I mentioned in an early 2010 draft thread that Suh was the only player I would want Belichick to trade up to get, however, that obviously did not happen and I (and probably most others) am very satisfied with this rookie crop. If we somehow managed to Suh along with everyone else in 2010 we would have crushed the entire league and Goodell would have fined us 2m and taken the entire 2011 draft away for being to awesome.....good thing didn't happen.
    Posted by JohnHannahrulz

    no one ever said he wasnt gonna win or shouldnt win..  all killa said was if his play declines and DMC improves that DMC should be considered if not win the award.  I could care less if he wins it to tell you the truth.  I already see what he does for the patriots. 

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    Re: D.R.O.Y.

    never seen suh play

    when people talk about pat's defense, they usually say that the single most important player is Wilfork.

    i know, different players, different schemes, but if Suh is anchoring their line and getting those double teams then i have no problem with him being DPOY. i'll just believe he is the beast everybody says he is.

    Still, McCourty deserves to be mentioned in the discussion.
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    Re: D.R.O.Y.

    mccourty takes on opposing teams no.1 reciever, its alot harder to cover the best receiver. they can move suh to the weaker guard or tackle, but devin has to cover other teams number q