Dump the Law Firm

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    Dump the Law Firm

    I mean, why are we keeping him and letting Baloney be the anti-Viagra of Patriots Nation? 

    See, here's the crux of the problem. BB can't count on Baloney. For some reason he thinks BJGE is worse than Baloney and for the life of me, I can't figure out why!!! I posted last night that in the beginning of the 4th Q the Patriots should have brought in the "secret weapon" which would have been BJGE. Instead of running the ball up the middle and down their throats with a fresh off-the-bench runner in BJGE, he opts to pass. Why? Because he INSISTS on keeping Baloney in the game. 

    To those saying BB didn't trust the defense in the last 5 minutes or so of the game I say BULL! Are we forgetting that we held the Colts to 14 points through 3 quarters? Sure Manning made some uncharacteristic bad throws but, we held them. 

    Baloney gets 31 yards on 13 rushes for a 2.4 YPC average? BJGE sits on the bench after EARNING the starting job in preseason. I mean, what is preseason if you come to camp in shape, run hard, put up good numbers and then sit? Baloney didn't earn to start.

    No, BB blew this game because he insists on stubbornly starting Baloney and letting a hard working back sit on the bench. When it's the 4th quarter and you're up by 10 you run the ball and eat the clock. Best defense the Patriots could have utilized is keeping Manning on the sidelines. With Baloney's horrific performance, BB didn't have that option. Oh, he did but, we let players like BJGE sit. If he had given BJGE a few carries prior to the 4th down call, he would have seen he had that option. Instead, he sees Baloney as useless. The OL did a stellar job for the most part. How come the lines are open for Faulk and he manages to get throught them? They are there for Baloney and he "taps and 2 and back and 1" and the whole Hokey Pokey routine we've seen ad nauseum. 

    BB, if BJGE is not worthy than why are you keeping him? Baloney had a great OL last night and did nada with it. Zilch. Zip. You mark my words, when BJGE finally gets a chance, we'll all be asking what BB was thinking this whole time about Baloney. Oh, and Larry Johnson is NOT the answer. Bringing him in is an insult to the hard work BJGE has done IMO. Do I sound high on BJGE? Well, hey, call me silly but, every freaking time he gets a chance he shines. OTOH, Baloney has NEVER shown that to me. 

    You don't think the locker room knew that Baloney was the biggest reason they lost? If I see another "Maroney hears the complaints and promises to deliver this week" story here I am wearing a Jets cap for the rest of the season. I don't think I can take another day with this major disappointment.
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    Re: Dump the Law Firm

    BB gave birth to Maroney, so I wouldn't hold my breath looking for any changes in RB at this stage of the season.  Belichick's arrogance prevents him from admiting to a mistake in severly misjudging Maroney's talent and heart as a football player.