Duron Harmon

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    Re: Duron Harmon

    its time to end teh gm reign. if that makes him quit. fine. there are good caoches that can win


    and much better gms able to do more than stockpile picks.


    Brdbruu are you ok? Cause it sounds here like you have lost your mind!! No pick or draft is perfect but dang you apparently have really been spoiled by the success of the last 10 years! you will probably be headed for the Tobin Bridge wehn BB finally does leave here!

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    Re: Duron Harmon

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    We can spin it every way we want but all I heard was how deep this draft was for rounds 2-3.  So, why was there a reach at #91 for this guy?   Please, please, no one try to say this guy wasn't going to be around at #102.

    The clock was ticking down under 30 seconds and I'm sure I wasn't the only Pats fan who thought maybe a trade was in the works.  It really looks a lot like last year in round 2 with Tavon Wilson.  It's a real headscratcher.


    I'm so tired of people whining about "head scratchers".


    Vollmer and Solder were real 'head scratchers'.

    McCourty was a reach.

    Jones too raw.

    Gronk too many medical questions.

    Hernandez was a pot smoker.

    Mesko's a punter.

    Spikes was too slow.

    Too bad we didn't pass on ALL these unproven guys! In the draft I want GUARANTEES ONLY! At the very least, I want someone who the mainstream media can support. No highlights when drafted? Totally unnacceptable pick.

    RESPONSE: What BS! I've been a regular on this forum for about a decade, and I don't recall posters here whining much, if at all, about the above listed players. Solder a head-scratcher?? LOL!!!! Vollmer went seemingly a bit high...but he was a 6'8", 320 pound mountain of a man, taken at a position of need at the time. Subsequently, when it was learned that Dallas was prepared to take him right after the Pats picked him, whatever complaints there were faded.

         I recall no one complaining about the Mesko pick, the Hernandez pick, the Gronk pick, the McCourty pick, and certainly not about the Jones pick.

    They should've taken Teo in the first, and Honey Badger in the second...then taken a BDC poll to see who was wanted in the third. Yes, offseason PR Champions!!!!!!!

    RESPONSE: I am so sick of dogmatic homers like you who defend BB and the Pats, no matter what the situation. BB deserves criticisms for his poor drafts in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and some of his choices and trades in 2011 and 2012. How do you defend the Ocho trade? There were the Chad Jackson/Laurence Maroney picks in 2006. There was the Meriweather choice in 2007. There were the selections of Terrence "I have a steel rod in my wrist" Wheatly, and Shawn Crable in 2008. Must I mention the 2009 draft...which was an absolute disaster. Taking CB Ras-I Dowling and RB Shane Vereen over WR Torrey Smith?

         The bottom line is that BB has had a ton of misses. It has eroded the old "In Bill We Trust" montra. The guy has been great at stockpiling draft choices over the years...but hasn't been nearly as effective in actually using his picks.

         Finally...the main complaint I'm reading about is the horrible Harmon pick. Whether he can play or not, can you explain the necessity for using the 91st overall selection on him?

         Sorry...but people here are frustrated with decisions like this...especially when a similar one was made last year, when BB took Tavon Wilson with the 48th overall pick.   

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    Re: Duron Harmon

         The Eagles just moved up to select Matt Barkley, with the first pick in the 4th round. If he turns out to be a star, we can all look back to pick #91, when the Pats took Duron Harmon, when they could have selected Barkley.