Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

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    Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

         Yet another good player has signed on in Philly. This time, it's Green Bay 3-4 DE Cullen Jenkins. Jenkins is a quality defensive lineman. when healthy: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/07/30/eagles-land-cullen-jenkins/
         The Eagles continue on their march to the greatest off-season since the 2007 Patriots.
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    Vick has serious street cred!  Before the lockout Andy Reid gave Vick a list of players and told him to get it done during the lockout.  Apparently, Vick got it done!
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    I dont know how in the world you can call them desperate , you really need to explain that. Just saying it doesnt make it true. No serious person think Jackson will hold out and miss any real time , games etc. The guy is going to prove his point and will be back in camp in a week or so. Jenkins is another good signing and is only going to make them better , that D looks serious right now. The Eagles needed someone to improve at the 3 tech. , there was a good chance it would have been Haynesworth if he was released. The Eagles big problem last year was giving up the big play , the ranked somewhere around the bottom of the league. Babin , Jenk , Nnamdi , DRC are all playmakers that will make this team a contender if their core can stay healthy.
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    Jenkins plays 34 DE and 43 DT.
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    In Response to Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins:
    Strange a 4-3 team would look for a 3-4 DE, but it should be a natural switch for him. The Eagles seem a little desperate to me.  Great signings, nice drafts, etc, but they sort of seem to be pulling a Jets here.  I still think the Vick thing is a disaster waiting to happen. DeSean Jackson is holding out which is a problem, too.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    Gotta love Rusty.  The Pats bring in Haynesworth and that is not a sign of desperation but going out and getting quality players like Jenkins is a sign of desperation.  HAHAHA
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    They are in a good position.  Vick played very well last year, and he costs 5mil, well below market value for a franchise QB.  So they could unload Kolb, clear more cap and get something in return.  Then use all that money to sign more players.  Now if he plays worse this year that team may be a waste.  But if he plays good they are a contender.  However next year, they have to pay him franchise money if he plays decent, and that's when it gets trickier.

    Not unlike when the Pats unloaded Bledsoe (and his contract), for a first round pick, and were only paying Brady peanuts.  They had the money to pay for talent around him.
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    Listen im not excusing what Haynesworth did last year at all , but Wash certainly could have handled it better. Why pay a guy $100 and force him to play a position he doesnt want to , especially when he obviously excelled at what hes always done. That was just a mess from the start , the conditioning test might be the biggest joke of all.
    As far as the Eagles go ,if im a fan , i have n/p at all that their trying to win now. And with all due respect you said the same thing about Vick last year. No matter what you think of him , try to be objective , the guy made huge strides last year and killed. Hes always had a great deep ball , can throw it 50 yards with a flick of his wrist. Plus its not media hype in terms of him using his check downs , not staring down his first look and using all the weapons he had. I really cant see regressing that much , if at all. And again nobody really think Jackson will mess this train up. Im not sure people understand how good they were last year. They really only had one glaring weakness and that just got taken care with a revamped D.
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    Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins

    In Response to Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins:
    In Response to Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins : They've never won a SB, just dealt Kolb rolling with dice with Vick, and just dealt #14 overall Broderick Bunckley to Cleveland. Jim Johnson passed away last year and their D went to hell.  Samuel is overpaid and needs to be moved. IN other words, they;re admitting some mistakes in the draft and FA AND trying to quickly fix them. GREAT signings, no doubt. But, it's clear it has to work for a SB in the next two years.  2014 is when the cap skyrockets, so they';ll be strapped until then. Also, Brandon Graham, 1st rd pick was a bust last year. Not sure what his future holds. We'll see. Also, losing Quentin Mikell on the back end will probably be a slight issue. Good player who knew the system. They're signing high priced, big name guys all at once so it will be a lot of pressure.   Similar to the Jets.   Don't expect Vick to have that same year as he had last year. If I am an Eagles fan I love the moves, but I would not trust Vick.  It appears Andy Reid is under the gun.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    AGREED Russ!!! I give Philly credit for: "Acquiring the greatest Number & Sum Total of big-name Free Agents available in 2011." 

    After that... Ya know, like ACTUAL Team Need, and/or (much better) Actual Team Need & especially "Team-Need" after accounting for The Eagles own free agents that they lost...weighing it w/ actual knowledge of the team...  Then idk WhatInTF they're doing?!? 

    Quintin Mikel was just @ 30 yrs old, but man- He WAS their Defensive Backfield.  So now... Ya got Asante Samuel & Nnamdi... 2 guys, who are NASTY when the ball's thrown their way, in terms of the threat they pose...  But NEITHER of them, ahh- Well, they just don't tackle...anyone... Meaning: At all, or ever once.  Asante jumps routes mad, and so He is VERY succeptible to giving up HUGE plays (along w/ gettin' a pick 6 of course).  And no-one threatened...No-one even PASSED to Asomugha's side of the field?!?  For like, the past 3 years...  Just why even bother?  The other Raider's CBs and Safeties svck, and The Raiders Offense svx too!  So once ya get up in the game, you play ball-control vs Oakland's pathetic Team.  And so, yes-Nnamdi's GREAT at pass-coverage, and he had that 8 pick superstar season 4 years ago and got that enormous contract...but since then?  Nnamdi's been Rep.  And say his rep's justified...It doesn't matter, b/c Oakland's Opponents' Offensive gameplans, don't even have to deal with him (who cares?).  

    Either way...neither guy tackles.  Neither guy even likes to tackle.  And A$ can be had at times for big.  But Quintin Mikel was just SOLID in his tackling and smart deep-threat IQ for Philly.  He was the unheralded leader and rock you could count on.  So now, Philly has 2 of the best CBs in football...But zero Safety.  Oh, 1 Rookie.  3 new guys that have to click on a new team...and 1 rookie that NEEDS to play like a vet Day#1 (Jaquiann Jarret)...no choice.

    D-Line?  Ya got 2 studs.  But 1 guy's a 3-4 DE who's been out like 13 games in the last 2 seasons.  The other?  Blew..It...Up.  Last year- His contract season.  <Cullen Jenkins & Jason Babin />  And so, in all, This IS good...b/c Philly's interior Front 7...?  AWFUL last year.  Heck, the ONLY thing saving them, was the prescence of their ILB guys, with Stewart Bradley (#3 or #4 on the team in Tackles...something like 8 or 9 PDs too) & Omar Gaither (who began coming back to form late in the year, after tearin' his ACL the previous one).  And so this is good, b/c Bradley & Gaither???  They're now member's of The Cardinals and The Panthers.  Another, well thought out move here Reid...  Solved 1 problem w/ a star or two just like your Secondary...And so you subsequently created the most relative connection with a new problem.  And so Philly signed a decent CFL DE/OLB, and Drafted Casey Matthews @ ILB.  So, I don't really understand...?  Even if EVERY-one of these guys works out, and each rook is not just a starter, but a proven & reliable one...Ya got your starting DTs and starting ILB and sub...all new to the team (and each other)?

    Offense?  He!!, Line-work at RT (Vick's blind-side), was NEED: A#!.  Priority.  Vick was running for his life, trying to by time.  And so...ya got zero OT, and drafted a new rook RG (Danny Watkins).  So whomever you place protecting your QBs blind-side will either be: New and already sh#tty...or All new.  

    Let's see...ya lost your FB and your power-back (Jerome Harrison Leonard Weaver)...So your power-running game is all rookie.  Ahh- Your old, but EXTREMELY accurate kicker's gone (lol, it's like the only time he missed one last year, happened to be in the postseason...David Akers was gettin' more accurate w/ age)...and your Punter (Sav Rocca- One-third...ONE-THIRD of his attempts, pinned the oppossing team inside their own 20yl).  And, alright...IF something happens to Vick when he gets blind-sided, you just traded away a VERY good 1st string QB (and certainly true potential for starting, w/ not a huge drop-off...compared to 3/4's of other team's back-ups).

    In all...Ummm, great moves I guess.  "Dream-Team"