I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the football fans of the New York Jets, The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills.
I actually stopped for a minute and thought about how you guys must feel about this Patriot run over the past eleven years and truly felt bad for you guys.
You see.....I've only been able to experience the jubilation and extreme pride in our football team as they've crushed this division for over a decade and never thought about how truly miserable all of you are with the Pats sucess.
The rings, the playoff appearances, the parties week after week tailgating and laughing about how the rest of the division blows and I never once thought about you guys.
Well..........I did, and do you know why I did? Because I though about what's going to happen again this year (wait, I just fell laughing) and how you'll lose another year of your lives watching and pulling for a weaker team that won't make the play-offs.
For this, I apologize. I would also like to extend this apology to the rest of the league as the Pats will go 19-0 this year.