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Ease up on the O Line

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    Ease up on the O Line

    I'm prob gonna get crushed on this thread as everyone seems to feel differently

    I think the reason the offense wasn't as effective and brady was under more pressure and the running game wasn't as good last year is

    1.  Brady didn't play nearly as good last year as he did prior to the injury and being out of fb for a year, he was on in some games and struggled (or was playing in pain/hurt) in others, don't get me wrong his body of work over the season was still better than most qbs and I'm extremely confident he will be in his 07 form going into this year.

    2.  The play calling seemed a little vanilla and predictable last year.  That may have been a fuction of Bradys injuries but prob more of the fact that our OC left for Denver

    3.  Lack of depth of a 3rd WR ( a wide out opposite Moss).

    Starting O line

    Volmeer  Stud
    Neal    Stud ( when healthy)
    Koppen  had a bad year but been good in last few
    Mankins  Stud
    Light   struggles against really fast ends but good overall
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    Re: Ease up on the O Line

    Well all I know is Brady got the snot beat out of him more often than not and it's either because (1) poor O-line, (2) held the ball too long or (3) too many passing plays without enough protection (e.g. the 5000 or so snaps at 5 wide shotgun).  If they keep this up he will be a cripple in 2 years. 
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    Re: Ease up on the O Line

    It's really hard to know about this offensive line. I don't think they effectively run the ball enough which would keep the rush off of Brady's back. They were exposed by the Giants in the Superbowl back in 08. This is why BB started bringing in new blood in the form of Volmer in 09. They are getting older . I'd love to see the Pats go after Gaither the RT from the Ravens except I wouldn't be looking to help the Patriots if I was them. The play calling was predictable. Haven't seen the Pats pull a gadget play since Charlie Weiss left. And the third wide receiver was a disaster last year! The Pats are into high gear . I think everything in it's place according to the plan! Good post.
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    Re: Ease up on the O Line Sorry fairly new at posting.

    Sorry fairly new at posting.
    Loved the type of football players drafted by the Pats - hard nosed, locker room leaders, great team players. They will ad to the Pats' winning ways.
    With his picks on the offensive side of the ball, BB pointed to more of an aerial
    attack than a tough running game. I would have preferred a more balance approach. The OL line let us down against the Giants in the Superbowl and a number of times since than. Against good teams, we have not been able to run the ball and gave Brady little time to pass (he has taken a pounding).
    Our defense has replaced many ageing stars and will naturally get better with experience. Our OL needs help. Vollmer is our LT of the future (and a good one). Mankens is great. The rest are sliding.
    Hopefully some of our injured reserves and late round picks this draft will contribute enough to our OL to bring us another championship.
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    Re: Ease up on the O Line

    Totally agree with all of your points.  Yes, the 0-line is getting older, but it is pretty much the same 0-line that kept Brady from ever having to wash his uniform in '07.  and it has been upgraded for sure with Vollmer.  The big difference was the play calling (or lack of) and no other option at reciever.  Hopefully the upgrades at TE will now have those guys being used as recievers more than once or twice every 2 or 3 games.  The offense was so predictable last year that even a mediocre "d" didn't seem to have a problem stopping our offense when they needed to.  Staying positive, I think we will be great again this year with all 3 phases of the team/game improved!!!