Edelman In Walking Boot

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    Re: Edelman In Walking Boot

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    Re: Rookie Free Agent Signings

    posted at 4/29/2013 4:00 PM EDT

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    Until he can play in 3 straight games with out a boo boo, Im wondering why all the endorsements?? We have a plethora of guys who can do what he does. In terms of "knowing the offense" How many different routes had he run as a patriot?? He runs Bubble screens and hitch routes here n' there but he has never Been Wes Welker. He has NEVER played the QB position, despite Rusty keep telling us he is the 3rd QB...lol

    Sure, he can play DB in a pinch, but we have better depth now, so tell me again why Edleman on a NON-garuanteed contract is gonna beat out D.Jones now....lol

    Take your fandom out of it and and use reasoning and logic. Edleman was signed as a stopgap between now and week 1. Im sure he will help out his replacements...lol.

    Just because Bone head Josh benched Wes to prove a point, doesnt mean Edleman ever had a chance to be Wes. That would require taking a hit and not breaking.




    Hahaaaa! Truth Hurts. Where are all the Edleman Endorsers now??  I'll give him to week 3 of preseason before they let him loose. By that time, TJ Moe should have made an impact.

    I still think Edelman can be a good player.  I won't shy away from that opinion.  He's been a bit snake bitten with the injuries, but he looked like a different player at the beginning of last year.  Let's see what Moe can do before annointing him the next Welker. 

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    Re: Edelman In Walking Boot

    Edelman is always hurt... Hernandez is always hurt... Amendola is always hurt..Gronkowski is now in the same mold... heck even Branch seemed to be always be hurt.

    Vereen cant stay on the field either... yet little Welker and little Woodhead didnt find that a problem.   Lloyd was healthy so they dump him...cant have a durable WR ot TE on this team right?

    Silly to say but BB either loves injury prone players, has a bad knack for picking injury prone players or is in a 12 year run of bad luck with injuries...guess thats why he loads up the team with 2nd tier talent...for depth.

    So... if Dobson and Boyce don't pan out who catches the ball ???   Scary right now !!

    I dunno...maybe it's an irrational notion since I'm sure all teams have injury issues but sheesh !!  And it's only May !!!!!

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    Re: Edelman In Walking Boot

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    So, to recap this week's news, Edelman is in a walking boot, Boyce has a broken toe, Hernandez had shoulder surgery, and Gronk needs another forearm surgery . . . 

    Oh, and we've replaced Welker with the oft-injured Amendola.

    Deion Branch must be feeling really good about his employment opportunities . . .






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    Slot reciever could be a issue this year with 2 fragile players in Amendola and Edelman.    Welker was very durable.   If Dobson and Boyce don't pan out this passing attack is in big trouble.




    Sometimes you just have to really wonder about some of the decision this team makes.


    Amendola is not just a slot WR like Welker had to be due to his lack of size. Hernandez will see most of the work in the slot.



    Exactly . . . just as soon as his four month recovery from shoulder surgery is over . . .